Globalgame: Killzone 2 Review

The perfect beginning to the end of the war, and so far the best showing product, which is renewed in the gameplay, graphics implementation, sound and, of course, nothing like the atmosphere because of the Playstation 3, maybe even the best internal nextgen era.

Vice player to leave anyone out himself, and who is close to the style, or at least the FPS as a genre. Which it could be linked to the lack of full co-op. It was a mistake to miss it, because the Squadra Alpha 4 people could have been great to split up among four friends, who would have to take each other through the missions, it is even more to the war. We also have the right to tervezhetett Guerilla team, sometimes with a strange arrangement of the tracks. Although not much will be in one place, because the longer a building full of corridors may finally come into the open, however, some of this repetitive sequence.

The game can be very szavatosságára complaint does not, in today's game 6-7 hours out with style, the more difficult stage of Killzone 2 is close to 8 or 10 hours of playtime is true I would have enjoyed another 10 hours. That analysis would, therefore, Killzone 2, almost a perfect game, a perfect Köszönjük Guerilla . Thank you for your Guerilla.

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