The Funnniest Video Games


"In his return to videogame glory, Matt Hazard and Vicious Cycle Software hope to strike gold in the upcoming release of Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard. Voiced by Will Arnett (and the main villain voiced by Neil Patrick Harris), the main character stages his triumphant return from the 8-bit era to a fully 3D experience. The game promises to parody some of gaming's greatest moments with non-stop, laugh-out-loud humor to leave gamers desiring more. In honor of Matt Hazard's return to the plasma screen (or liquid crystal or cathode ray; whatever), here are some of its rather humorous predecessors."

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Cajun Chicken4001d ago

Complete lack of MDK series, Earthworm Jim, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Armed and Dangerous, Infected, Wild 9, Guitaroo Man, Serious Sam and many others.

christian hour4001d ago

Yeah this list was short and phoned in.