Here is how to get the 'perfect' picture out of your PS3

PS3-Sense writes: "There are a lot of uncertainties about how to configure your PlayStation 3 to get the 'perfect' picture on your television. Now we have done researching and we made an article about how your PlayStation 3 the best in that regard. Also we give some tips and information that you probably have never heard from it. Curious? Go and check out the article.

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i think i came up with my own xbr5 settings with a little help from the avs forums' calibration thread, you guys should try it.

Remember though, when you go watch 1080 p blurays, you may wanna change some settings.

criticalzero4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )


EDIT: Sorry...took some time but loaded

BigMassacre4010d ago

It would be helpful if the translation didn't seem like gibberish for me.

BkaY4009d ago

"gibberish" it reminds me of a youtube vid called "Osama talking gibberish" lolzzzzz.

for the record im muslim and i hate tht prick.....

on topic.... i just bought a 40in samsung full HD... and my cousin got 32in samsung .... same tv ... like older and younger brother... but younger brother has better picture quality than older brother....


Sangria4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

I wish i could see a settings tutorial for PS3 + Bravia Full HD owners.
Each time i see screenshots of games, i say "Wow, how can the game looks so beautiful? I own it and it doesn't look the same".

Kemicalbeliefs4009d ago

My 40" 1080p Bravia is setup with a slight deviation from the profiled settings on one. It doesn't look too vivid and bright but pretty much perfect.
Owners tend to set up their Bravias so its all vivid and over contrastic to enhance that HD effect. This is all wrong because once you get the settings right, the variety of colours and depths of blacks look fantastic.
Mine is the 40W4000 and if you fancy trying out my settings PM me.

ThanatosDMC4009d ago

HDTV prices went down drastically... i remember last year when some of their prices were double the prices they are now.

Socomer 19794010d ago

i better go home and take off the cross color option.
of course im running a HDMI cable. ive been playing around with the setting for a while because my 46 inch lcd has a normal, warm & cool setting.
i wonder if the difference will be noticable? probably not.
oh dont mind me, im just typing my last thoughts because its closing time at work and im gonna play some more KILLZONE and some MLB09.

I can taste your tears.

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