Car Jack Streets for iPhone: Exclusive Interview with the Developers | ThePortableGamer

In this Q&A-style interview, exclusive to TPG, Paul Farley of TAG Games speaks with The Portable Gamer about this highly anticipated GTA-style game for the iPhone. Release is slated REAL soon, and TPG thanks Paul for being so generous with his extremely limited time.

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bgrundman4001d ago

This looks suspiciously like GTA...

supercharger51504001d ago

Given the success of GTA, why not?

CrAppleton4001d ago

Yeah.. but this is a TOTAL rip off.. lmao

killyourfm4001d ago

The guy they interviewed was a key developer on GTA 1 & 2 ;-)

evadw4001d ago

I would actually like GTA 2 on my iPhone. How awesome would bus journeys become?!

bgrundman4001d ago

Nothing like a little manslaughter on the train right?

CrAppleton4001d ago

LOL.. GTA 2 was bad ass.. that would be awesome.. I want it on my PSP

MaCkTeHkNiFe4001d ago

GTA on the iPhone, and perhaps Harvest Moon next? I expect big things from these guys!