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AnalogHypes Adrian P reviews Ninja Blade for the Xbox 360, "Ninja Blade exceeded my expectations and not just because I had low expectations. The game's cinematics and QTE make this game a very enjoyable experience. There many times where your not going to want to put the game down. If you played Ninja Gaiden and got frustrated with how hard it is, I promise you will love this game."

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Pein4002d ago

looks really interesting

DarK-SilV4002d ago

It’s been 2 weeks since I got the game and I didn’t even try it for 5 minutes because I was busy playing KZ2, too many games and less time
SF4,SO4,R5 ,fear 2 and KZ2 ,this is the beginning of the year and who knows what coming later on.
Yeah the game looks really good

rockleex4001d ago

Hopefully this one is good.

ilkercruiser4002d ago

It looks like a silent hit! Gotta own this immediately!

ogwilson4002d ago

Game sounds really good. Dammit I can't wait for a demo now.

XLiveGamer4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Create a japanese account and download it now. I played the demo like a month ago

Gargamel4002d ago

This game looks amazing.. Might have to pick this one up when it is released...

Nick2120044002d ago

This title looks like a decent contender for Ninja Gaiden

XLiveGamer4002d ago

Ok hold on... the games its really good i play the demo already but i have to say NO! My Ninja Gai... i mean Ninja Gaiden 2 its better game than this but this game have quality too. Great graphics, Nice combos and Great Action. But don't you ever, ever, ever again comment that.

LeonSKennedy4Life4002d ago

Why can't he say that?

Ninja Gaiden is no status symbol. It's just Ninja Gaiden. The storyline sucks (bested by Devil May Cry and God of War, both), the combo system is nowhere close to as intricate as Devil May Cry's...or Prince of Persia's (for that matter), and the difficulty level is highly overrated.

Ninja Gaiden is just...a game.

We have Devil May Cry and God of War. They are THE action games. Ninja Gaiden just sort of exists.

I hope Ninja Blade is good. I love action games!

Bnet3434002d ago

Ninja Gaiden is the best action game. It is a status symbol. It more than exists.

Traveler4002d ago

I was the hugest fan of the Ninja Gaiden games on the NES, but the new Ninja Gaidens are fairly mediocre in my opinion. They feel so lifeless to me. No atmosphere or story to dig into.

IdleLeeSiuLung4002d ago

Ninja Gaiden is enough of a reason for me to get 360! The combat is extremely deep and in my opinion the best of it's kind. Yes, even better than God of War (which in my opinion is a little overrated game play wise, storyline is solid though) and Devil May Cry (which doesn't even come close).

Enough said.

Arnon4001d ago

"the combo system is nowhere close to as intricate as Devil May Cry's...or Prince of Persia's (for that matter), and the difficulty level is highly overrated."

You... deserve to be slapped for that. Ninja Gaiden 2's combo system absolutely DESTROYS Devil May Cry AND God of War put together.. I guarantee you that if you actually PLAYED the freaking game, you would not be able to do every combo in there. You know why? Because you can pretty much MAKE your own combos.

Also, the difficulty is phenomenal.

N4PS3G4001d ago


you should really shut ninja gaiden 2 first and then talk....Ninja Gaiden's combo system is amazing...the game shines just because of it..neither Devil May cry or GOW touch it.... the story may be crap and some other things too ..but if action you want...Ninja Gaiden IS the actions game.

Traveler4001d ago

The fighting system is indeed deep, but the story and atmosphere are very weak in my opinion. It's really hard for me to get into any game that doesn't have either atmosphere or a decent narrative.

Don't get me wrong, the game is still worth playing simply for the superb fighting engine and the action. But it doesn't rise above an 8, due to those major weaknesses.

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