Killzone 2 Will Receive DLC Based on the Suggestions of Players

From Softpedia - Killzone is, along with a few other titles, one of the key franchises for Sony's PlayStation brand of consoles. Having won over a lot of fans on the PS2 with the first title, the team at Guerrilla Games confirmed, with the PSP title Killzone: Retribution and now, with Killzone 2 already launched and gaining critical acclaim and fan popularity, that things are going great for the series.

But don't think that this means that the team at Guerrilla Games is taking a break, as it is already hard at work on elaborating the first batch of DLC (Downloadable Content) that will arrive in the near future for the Killzone 2 title. Steven Ter Heide, a producer at the company, has talked with GameSpot about the DLC, and how he wants it to respond to the desires of fans around the world.

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LarVanian4011d ago

Killzone: Retribution? LMAO! Looks like someone is mixing up some Sony games lol.
I'd love to see more game types released as DLC and maybe a few more weapons.

DominusRebellis4011d ago

^^^ Weapons would be nice...but I'm just happy with the amazing service and concern GG has for it's gamers. My respect for them just went up bigtime!

reaferfore204011d ago

I want a zombie mod with exploding limbs.

SasanovaS7774011d ago

id put a new class or skill badge because if you have that, anything else that comes with a DLC will be extra, and im sure people will buy it only for the new class. also, changing the tacticians spawn points to be able to be disarmed would be a nice feature...headshots should be decreased because its too easy to headshot and most people do it out of luck...i seen 1 guy head shot 3 people in a row with a spray of a machine gun...its just retarded...maybe a class with half normal health but they have device that can be thrown just like spawn points and they can teleport to them any time they want...second ability can be something like...a new weapon only they can carry that has 1 homing missile that can lock on any target

whoelse4011d ago

Well on the top of my list has to be co-op. It would extend the replay value even further if you somehow get bored of WARZONE. I mean if this game had co-op, that would win over anyone who complains about the lack of it, even if it costs a little. I mean id buy it.

4011d ago
UltimateIdiot9114011d ago

I want vehicles, it would be a lot more awesome especially in the larger map.

rockleex4011d ago

I don't care what kind of modes are available for split-screen. I don't care how much they tone down the graphics. I don't care whether its two or four player split-screen. I don't care!


Without splitscreen, Killzone 2 will never take main stage at gaming get-togethers.

Look at COD4, it almost beat Halo 3 at gaming get-togethers, but it couldn't. Why? Because LAN was only one player per system! That ONE problem held it back from beating Halo 3 at gaming parties.

Now just think about how much NO SPLITSCREEN will hurt Killzone 2!

Please, we really need 4 player-splitscreen LAN! But if that's not possible, please just add SOME sort of splitscreen. Thanks!

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butterfinger4011d ago

Online co-op. Part of the reason for it having no local co-op was because GG said it was too much to do split-screen, but online-only co-op should work pretty well and still be a ton of fun!

table4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

1. When killed there should be a suicide option. sometimes i dont want to be revived by the medic!
2. Make the shotguns less powerful. They can kill from 20 yards away with one shot to the feet. Also the engineer should not have only the shotgun to choose from.
3. why is there no matchmaking? there should be a cod style match making and party system.

These should be patches actually. DLC could include more maps and guns etc like everyone else is saying.

whoelse4011d ago

There is a matchmaking system. But you get to choose from a list of games than have been recommended for you based on your requests and skill.

Helghast Slayer4011d ago

This is what you call a true developer. Always catering to the customers needs first before their own. Respect to GG all day long. To GG, so when is KZ3 again?

arvfab4011d ago

I would like some sort of "remake" of the first Killzone as I never played it till the end. They just need to use the Killzone 2 engine to build the old levels.

rhood0224011d ago

I would love a remake of the original using the Killzone 2 engine. Maybe even a remake with a packed in copy of Killzone: Liberation so players can have the entire first arc.

But, Sony may want GG to focus on Killzone 3. Despite the fact a remake could be made and released next year with Killzone 3 to follow.

PirateThom4011d ago

1. More multiplayer maps that are as good as the current set. Honestly, there's not a single map I don't like there.

2. Some form of online co-op, even if it's just something like terrorist hunt from Rainbow Six.

Bubble Buddy4011d ago

That's good. The only map I'm not too fond of is Visari Hammer but the rest are top-notch. Plus add a party system please GG.

Pennywise4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Thom, how could you like the map on the docks?? I HATE that map. Its a spawn and die map. I find it very annoying. Other than that, all the maps rock.

I would like extended rankings with more classes maybe?
More guns.

Coop would be great too!

What I would really like:

1) A party system similar to Resistance2
2) Options to invite your friends to your group
3) More maps
4) More guns
5) More rankings and unlocks

cLiCK_sLiCK94011d ago

Are you talking about the Conrith River? Thats my favorite one. Along with the desert level.
Great game, one of the best games im playing this generation.

Porps to Guerilla Games!! =]

P.S. I reached general so fast... they shouldve made it a bit harder.
But getting those ribbons are going to be pain.

Pennywise4011d ago

I'm usually doing something inbetween rounds, so I miss the names... but I guess conrith river sounds right. The choke point by spawn going up the little ramp is where the team gets stuck in an ongoing slaughter house. I hate it! I feel like I h ave NO control on that map, shot from the back, above, in front... its nuts.

Max Power4011d ago

i don't think mouse and keyboard will work with this game at all, i like it the way it is, except more guns.

CoxMulder4011d ago

Corinth River is one of my faves too..
Other faves include Helghan Industries (that map is so full of subtle beauty..) and Blood Gracht (intense!!).

I'd love to see some MP maps from Killzone 1.
I remember one in particular that looked incredible even then and also played really great.
It featured all these little islands and hills in a swampy/tropical setting.

Would also like to see some larger MP maps, bigger & less restricted than Pyrrhus Rise, maybe featuring some verhicles.


You do know that's not the only route you can take right? Look to your left when you spawn, there's an alternate route..(for both sides)

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