Jimmy Fallon <3s Video Games

AndyGoes writes, "Jimmy Fallon, new host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, has replaced Conan O'Brien for the 12:30am eastern time slot. Along with a younger, fresher, more tech-savvy take on the Late Night show, Fallon also plans to give video game devs the same "Hollywood" treatment that movie stars get. On release nights for big games, Fallon will have the devs on the show, talk to them about the video game and, undoubtedly, show a few clips of the game.

Hopefully Fallon's approach doesn't leave him hanging by his desired audience. What were you, fellow gamer, doing last night when Fallon's third episode aired? If you live in the east, you may have been sleeping because that 6am whistle was fast approaching. If you weren't sleeping, what were you doing? Well, I was playing Rock Band and I have a feeling that a lot of other gamers were playing their game of choice. Fallon is hoping to appeal to the internet generation - those of us that grew up with computers and the internet, and who might be attracted to news about such things - but I worry that his target audience may be too interested in these other things than to tune in to the late night slot...."

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evadw4012d ago

What a coincidence! His name was already in the title of the show. That was lucky.

killyourfm4012d ago

Bubbles for you sir. I don't know WHY that made me crack up, but it did.

supercharger51504012d ago

I don't watch Fallon because I don't think he's funny, not because I don't care to support a fellow gamer... He will never replace Conan in my heart.

bgrundman4012d ago

Just tune in a hour earlier and you can still see Conan!

supercharger51504012d ago

Yes, and then turn it off! Jimmy Fallon laughs at himself more than others laugh at him. Not good.

Awookie4012d ago

First Carson Daily then Jimmy Fallon what are these NBC people thinking?

Snoogins4012d ago

I agree. Jimmy Fallon was never funny on SNL and one of the most unprofessional, self-absorbed "comedians" I've ever experienced. So what if he has a love for video games and plans to have developers on his show? I'm sure every other second of his show will be intolerable crap.

In other news: Dane Cook is not funny and very overated. I guess if you forget to take your medication and pick up a microphone you can be a comedian. Well, I'm sorry, that only works for CHRISTOPHER WALKEN!

masterg4012d ago

I think he is hilarious.
Maybe his style is more European and that's why I like him.. Dunno.

CobraKai4012d ago

I agree. The man's a tool. There are comedians that make me laugh. Comedians that make me indifferent. But he is one of those cases, where he is so not funny, that he makes me angry. I hope no one watches this show but I hope everyone is there to watch his career die a horrible, gruesome, undignified death.

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bgrundman4012d ago

It is cool to see somebody take the side of the gaming culture.

kewlkat0074012d ago

I love that he will bring developers into the light and showcase some of the games.

I mean who does that these days on late night?

I'm glad some are taking the video game industry serious, just as hollywood.

JD_Shadow4012d ago

I was listening to him when he was on the Howard Stern show, and he seems to be really funny when he loosens up. Remember that Conan wasn't exactly the funniest guy around when he first debuted on Late Night (NBC was about to cancel the show for a bit during the first year), and you have seen what became of him. Jimmy DOES have Howard's support, too, and you KNOW people will tune in if he got Howard's approval (because you KNOW how loyal Stern fans are).

Also, I do have a feeling that he might not be Microsoft's biggest fan. He did make a joke about MS's stores, saying that the people "will freeze whenever you ask them a question". Hmm...sounds as though he made a crack on the Windows products...and the 360, right?

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The story is too old to be commented.