Is Gamestop Screwed?

MattG of HipHopGamer Writes:

Over the past week, major video game retailers such as Toys R Us, Best Buy, and now Amazon have entered the used game market. They will accept your old games, and give you in-store credit to make new purchases. This is typically Gamestop's forte, but with the new competition how will it affect the video game retailer?

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south2054002d ago

I checked out Amazon a few days ago on this. It's actually a better deal with Amazon because in most states, there is no tax charges on items. Amazon only offers a little more for your trade in amount but you have to weigh both options.

You get to print free shipping labels to Amazon, so the shipping cost is non existent. Well accept for the little bubble mailer. You then get a gift card that goes towards "ANYTHING" on Which means games and other stuff. Now that's a deal!

Each time I try to trade in something at gamestop, the guy always says, oh yeah we're out of cash so it can only be used as store credit :)

Go with amazon. Better deals, better prices...

Snoogins4002d ago

Last game I bought from Gamestop was LittleBigPlanet. Preordered Killzone 2 from Amazon for $54.99 ($5 off), no tax, free shipping AND I got some freaking SWEET avatar clothing for Home. I've saved a lot of money shopping with them. The Gamestop we have in my podunk town replaced Rhino Games which was a far greater store than they'll ever be. Lifetime store warranty on all games and a 1-week "Like-New" return policy on games. I miss that store...

IdleLeeSiuLung4002d ago

For me it is just easier to go with Slip it in an envelope and stick on the label and drop it off for pickup by USPS. Much easier than driving out to GameStop and listen to the a**hole manager that thinks he is cool and smell the funky smell.... you get the picture.

Plus right now amazon is giving you 10% off their already no tax prices (and often at a good price) any future game or accessory order. Sounds d*mn good to me!

I must say that I have met some cool people at GameStop lately though.

EzekielRAGE4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

I got Bladestorm (used) for the ps3 a couple of weeks ago from GS for 30 bucks. Before I went to them I looked on amazon and the used price for it was a little over $60 and still is. So that was in essence better deal.

Besides other than amazon the nearest game retailer is Walmart

kewlkat0074002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

It's all about convenience..

There at like every plaza and inside malls where you will not find [email protected] and other big chains retailers As well, not everyone shops online.

newneto4002d ago

This is good for us, Bring Gamestop to Brazil!

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