Strategy Informer: Ninja Blade Preview

The hack 'n' slash genre excelled on the last generation. Titles such as Devil May Cry, God of War, and Ninja Gaiden all brought their own sense of brutality that often left players wide-eyed and licking their lips with the lust for blood. The success of such franchises hasn't played out to the advantages of this type of game in the long run though, as current gen updates have been little more than a graphically superior re-run of adventures past. With Devil May Cry 4 forcing players to retrace their steps and Ninja Gaiden 2 offering a noticeably more mainstream and unimaginative adventure, it's hard not to argue that hack 'n' slash fans' best days are behind them.

With this in mind, Strategy Informer approached Ninja Blade without passing any quick judgements.

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Gun_Senshi4008d ago

Thousands of people already finished this game and this site is doing preview?


Nakerman4008d ago

Not in the US and UK they haven't.

Nakerman4008d ago

Well, I'm talking respectable gamers. ;)