GDC: Square-Enix's Honeywood Talks Problems With The Locals

A talk was held this morning by Richard Mark Honeywood, a translator, localization director, and programmer on many Square-Enix titles. By his side was fellow translator Colin Williamson, and they spent their hour focusing on the difficulties and tricks to localizing a Japanese produced game for other territories.

The first problem – as fans of their games will attest – is Square-Enix games "are so damn complex" and there is never enough time. As Honeywood put it, everyone on the localization staff are "either artists or perfectionists," something that could be improved upon.

There is also never enough money. Some of the more interesting ways for the team to save money is "instead of flying everyone to Tokyo, we'll go to places like Austria," due to the cheaper airfare and accommodations. Additionally, members of the localization team will provide voices for some of the minor roles. Williamson then demonstrated his rather impressive Slime voice.

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