Five Reasons Not to Play the Wii

These days finding a good title on the Wii is like trying to beat a man to death with a wiffle bat: it's a long and arduous process. A dream come true for crapware developers, the console has become a breeding ground for extremely weak point-and-click party games that would have seen better success on the PC. While the DS suffers a 1:3 ratio it seems as if the Wii suffers from a 1:20. Titles in the console's library suffer from consistently low review scores (averaging 64% on GameRankings).

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Smacktard4002d ago


Stupid article. DS shovelware is WAY worse than Wii shovelware. Also, why should you judge a console by the plethora of bad games available on said console? Wouldn't you look towards the good games only? This argument was never really presented when the PS1 and PS2 (plagued with shovelware) were winning the console wars, so why does it suddenly spring up now?

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SinnedNogara4002d ago

Hey, guess what! The PS2 has had lots of shovelware since 2007. At my Wal-Mart, the best game over there is Go Diego Go!

I actually agree with some of these article posts! But you can't blaim Nintendo for all the shovelware. Go blame DDI and Zoo and Destination Software for making crap! Those developers have ZERO talent and I hope the recession takes each of the out! Do you hate PS2! PS2 has lots of shovelware games now! The Virtual Console games are the ones we all remember! Don't worry! The games will come! They need to add to the library a little bit more, QUIT YELLING!!! They have 85 NES titles! Stop complaining!

I do wish that Nintendo would have added at least a 5GB hard drive to the Wii! Though, I have few downloadable titles (I have Gyrostarr, Everybody Votes, Nintendo Channel, Dr. Mario RX, Sin & Punishment, and Super Mario Bros) I am at 878 blocks. Theoretically Nintendo could release a patch that would decrease the CHANNEL data by several blocks hopefully! (jttucker told me this).

I think Nintendo should limit the amounts of games per publisher to 3-5. The market is oversaturated by crap! Developers don't try and that is cluttering the market. That seal is annoying. Remember, the true crap doesn't even have the seal.

NINTENDO!! JUST TAKE DDI, ZOO GAMES, DESTINATION SOFTWARE, the Pitfall series, SPIKE GAMES, licensed THQ games, and please have some reviewers play the games before they end up on your system!!

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rockleex4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

So THAT's why 99% of the media bash Sony 24/7. -_-"

People can't be happy that PlayStation owners are happy, so they have to go out of their way to constantly bash anything Sony.

Dude: PS3 lost to 360 in 2008!
PS3 owner: They sold the same amount in 2008. O_o
Dude: What a crybaby!
PS3 owner: -_- *sighs*

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Ratchet_Co4002d ago

Sorry, but #1 is #1 on my list too. In the end, motion control isn't really something that would make me jump ship to play games with motion control. In the end, its a about the games, and the Wii has a lot of great first party games, but I think we might not see another Mario adventure or a Legend of Zelda game for some time. The game production is almost like the Gamecube :(.

I don't know why the author hates Virtual Console though....

SinnedNogara4002d ago

I agree. If the shovelware bothers you, IGNORE IT!

If you don't like the Virtual Console games, just pull out your NES.

If you don't like the online serivces, play MoH: H2

If you don't like the cold shoulder, purchase and support games like The Conduit and MadWorld and purchase all hardcore games. And give Ubisoft and Activision angry hate mail!

And don't buy the peripheral games!

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Product4002d ago

Wow he actually doesnt like the Virtual Console?

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Socomer 19794002d ago

Just leave the wii alone and mind your own damn business before it biotch slaps you. The wii is no joke and nintendo will fckn assinate your A$$ if they find out you are talking sh!t.

They call the wii remote a nun chuk for a reason.

Voiceofreason4002d ago

Someone needs a time out......

Mahr4002d ago

"To stand out upon entering the market Nintendo introduced their Seal of Approval, the company's very own certification method for filtering out titles that were bug-ridden and contained objectionable content. It also limited companies to only five releases per year and emphasized focus on improving the quality of said title"

Um, I guess it did that in name, but it was pretty apparent even back then that that policy, as well as other similar policies were very clearly aimed at creating a monopoly.

Nintendo also had a rule that a developer for Nintendo couldn't develop for any other systems, which essentially locked out companies from supporting the Sega Master System or the PC Engine/Turbografx-16. A lot of companies opted to just ignore this rule and developed for other systems anyway, like Hudson Soft. But it was a crucial part of keeping Nintendo's monopoly going until it was eventually and rightfully struck down as illegal.

If memory serves, someone actually took Nintendo to court for this and it resulted in some interesting anti-trust precedents, and the end ruling was really quite hilarious: They were found guilty and had to pay reparations to consumers -- which they distributed as money off for *another* NES game.

Anyway, this is mostly an aside. Back to the Seal of Quality thing, it's a silly argument because all it really meant was that the game it was on would function in a Nintendo machine and, uh, that's about it. It had absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the experience, and did absolutely nothing to curb the crappy licensed games -- I mean, that thing was on Superman for the N64. Aside from the fact that that they didn't produce several million copies of the game, what precisely separated that thing from ET for the Atari?

Incidentally, the five game limit thing never actually worked -- if by 'worked' you mean 'prevented companies from releasing more than five games a year'. A lot of companies just made different divisions of themselves (nominally, anyway) to bypass the licensing restrictions and release more games in the same amount of time.

That's why a ton of old Konami games (including the original Metal Gear) were published under the "Ultra Games" label: to get around the limitation.

"These days finding a good title on the Wii is like trying to beat a man to death with a wiffle bat: it's a long and arduous process"

If you say so. Maybe if you go into a store and just pick a game out at random (do people actually shop like this?), I guess. Alternatively, one could, y'know, do some research, this being the information age and all. If what Gamerankings says is to be considered as the final judge of quality, then it's a matter of just going to Gamerankings and browsing. It's not very difficult:

And then limit oneself to only games that have scored above 90 or 80 or whatever, depending on what precisely the benchmark is for 'good'.

Isn't that a much more reliable way of shopping than just picking games at random?

"With the Official Nintendo Seal's lone goal of ensuring hardware compatibility and not ensuring software quality you have to ask yourself if Nintendo really cares about anything but making money anymore."

'Anymore'? Um, let me get this straight: the discontinuing of a practice put in place to establish a monopoly is evidence that a company only cares about money?

"Well, I don't know about anyone else, but despite the friendly and outgoing nature Nintendo puts on in their commercials, it seems as if Nintendo is bitter and changed company from what it was over a decade ago."

It's all clear now. Jilted fanboyism. Historical Nintendo was better than contemporary Nintendo because they had a product that appealed to you, despite the fact that it was big on the monopoly thing and placed so many restrictions on third-parties that they deserted en masse when the N64 came along. No, the cardinal sin is admitting senior citizens into the target demographic.

"This may sound like a weak argument but recall E3 2008 before you say anything. Remember the reveal of the Wii MotionPlus attachment and how it is able to render 1:1 motion control (unlike what the controller should have had at launch)? Shortly thereafter there was an outcry in the development community as no single developer was told of this new attachment until it was revealed that month, leading to absolutely no initial third party support."

No initial third party support? Might that have something to do with the fact Motion Plus isn't even *out* yet? That even the sunniest predictions say it's not going to be out until June? As in, nearly a year after it was announced?

Even if they'd told guys like Lucasarts about it, is the idea that they would have delayed The Force Unleashed over half a year until Motion plus came out? Or is it that they would have had the functionality and would have released the game as is, broken combat and all, with the promise 'Hey, in seven or eight months, this will be compatible with technology to make it not terrible'?

"Everything was set for what should have been the "Jesus console.""

Oh my God -- it's not the Jesus console!

"Nintendo is limited with the Wii to coming up with new hardware schemes to play games and does not seem to care at all about the good old fashioned button pressing scheme used by every other console ever created"

Why should they care about the schemes used by every other console ever created? The people who want that kind of thing can buy, I don't know, every other console ever created.

"So many games from the last generation deserve the treatment too; what's it going to take to get a Shadow of the Colossus port?!"

That's easy: It would take Sony deciding to can one of their best first-party development teams for no reason whatsoever. I'm getting some mixed signals here about how one's ideal corporation is or is not supposed to act.

Voiceofreason4002d ago

Great post. Nice that someone has some knowledge of the 80's gaming scene unlike the writer of this article.

nightmareluffy14002d ago

Once again Mahr, you impress me with your wall of facts. Bubbles for you.

ChickeyCantor4002d ago

lets be fair here, you deserve to be banned, I mean like 90% can't even read that much, their heads will are guilty of killing people right now =(....

but you still deserve a bubble.

Mahr4002d ago

"you are guilty of killing people right now =(...."

Why is killing other humans beings always such a bad thing now? Sometimes, cheating spouse, home intruder, homeless dude who's trying to mug you, guy in the carpool lane who will only go 50 and hold up everyone else who can't go around him because the rest of the freeway is packed... all people who need to be killed.

Anyway, just a little addendum to my above post: I'm not saying the article here doesn't raise a couple valid points -- it does, but it's just hard to find them between all the poorly-made, shovelware points.

Xander-RKoS4002d ago

I want to hug you. Amazing post...

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