A Case for Aestheticized Rape in Videogames writes: "As a modern tool of media, video games have achieved leeway in cases where many news papers and movies would try apologizing for certain depictions. In the study of aestheticizing violence, depictions or references to violence are 'stylistically excessive' or 'significant and sustained way' according to Film Studies Professor Margaret Bruder of Indiana University. This analysis was based on various historical incidents such as, mass pogroms under Hitler's regime and films such as, A Clockwork Orange and The Accused. In the wake of Illusion's RapeLay, a game with fully interactive facilities for committing rape, have we simply gone off reflex and stated that using rape in any way in games is stupid? It smacks of many mainstream media pundits denouncing Grand Theft Auto for it's inclusion of sex and violence, or blood and gore for video games in general. No, not just as another means of realism but for educating, even sensitizing gamers about any act of rape and its justification."

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Rex70004007d ago

but sex sell and game like this are going to be made more and more the f*** up think is why the f*** are people talking about this game now its been out 4 more then 5 year in japan and no one said a damn think do people have nothing 2 talk about anymore that they just post anything

slak4007d ago

I do think rape is wrong but like you said rape sells .......

so !RAPE ON!