Why Procedural AI is the Next Big Milestone in Gaming

Kris Erickson writes:

"How can we create realistic open world games where people that we meet in the street repeat more than the same 3 phrases over and over ad infinitum? Luckily, there is a technology looming on the horizon that could enable game developers to craft truly convincing worlds full of speaking characters: Procedural Artificial Intelligence. This would involve creating complex behavioral algorithms and synthesized speech routines so that characters in the game could literally decide what to say based on how they were feeling that precise moment."

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clinker4010d ago

Really interesting article. I would love it if I could actually talk to characters in games without having to select from a dialog tree... but I think this technology is more than 10 years away.

rockleex4010d ago

In the PS4. ^_^

The PS3's Cell Processor is very good at calculation stuff. Just imagine what the PS4 could do! O_O

Proxy4009d ago

It's a question of programming.

How do you carry on an intelligent conversation? (Insert answer here.)

How? (Insert 2nd answer here.)
How? (Starting to run out of answers?)

Like a kind asking "why why why" forever to bother his parents, eventually you run out of answers.

Unless you came up with a set a mathematical algorithms, as one of your answers, you are not prepared to program a computer to have a conversation.

I doubt we will see computer making convincing conversation for possibly 20 years or more. Even then, I'm not sure if it's possible.

UltraNova4009d ago

I would like to agree with you but I wont. Why? Because we know that the computing power in ten years will be enough for this kind of programming (which is far less power consuming than real time level and character rendering or real time environmentally affected AI animations, behaviours etc.. ).

The question is, will 10 years from now be enough to develop a convincing code? I believe that yes, they will. Look at what has been achieved in the past 10 years (in terms of computing power)and keep in mind the available technology and knowledge of each time frame.

We humans are strictly governed by technology. As technology progresses so is our understanding and knowledge of things due to our ability to use that technology. Now, you might argue that in order to develop that technology we need knowledge first. No, we develop technology based on our questions aka theories, in turn, to gain knowledge by using that technology. Look at CERN, yes it took tremendous expertise in physics and astrophysics to built but the end goal is to understand the Big Bang by simulating it.

Put in the time and effort (like GG did with Killzone 2's AI)coupled with talented programmers and I have no doubt that they will pull this off in ten years.

Trebius4010d ago

This kind of technology is kind of crazy...

That's the TRUE Artificial Intelligence...

Next thing you know we'll have an I Robot situation.

The Peoples ARMPIT4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Umm Killzone2 already claimed that title. If anyone has played it then they know nothing else comes close, maybe just MGS4.

Can you smell me?

Major_Tom4010d ago

Killzone 2 has exceptional A.I. more than likely the best I've played against.

This is more in a RPG direction where he talks to you open-endedly. Hopefully we'll see MIC games this generation where you can talk to the AI as you would a friend.

Bathyj4010d ago

I personally believe AI is the biggest frontier for progression in games. Graphic levels are so high, they will always improve but not to the level where huge strides will be made, more like baby steps, but AI has a long way to go and I hope devs dedicate a couple of SPU's towards this.

This is also the reason I fear this trend of every game going online multiplayer. Lets face it, online is nearly all just deathmatch or some variation of it. AI plays little to no part. There will always be the single player element but if all the focus is going on clan support and other online features I dont think AI is getting the attention it should.

Prove me wrong devs, I want you to prove me wrong.

Proxy4009d ago

Picture your typical MGS scene with a guarded doorway. What are the guards doing? They're just standing their like any real guard would do.

Now were playing the same scene in online multiplayer. What are the guards doing? One guy is firing his gun at random people and objects because he bored. The other is trying to glitch his way up onto the roof of the guard house. Heaven help any cardboard box that happens to be in the area.