Diablo III: Blizzard Discusses Runes & Orbs

Blizzard's community manager for Diablo III has been posting on the official Diablo 3 forums today. Two questions popped up, one asking about the "focus like" item on the Wizards hand, which Bashiok reminded us is the offhand Orb.

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ThanatosDMC4002d ago

People are starting to care less and less about this game. Cant they just tell us stuff about the game a month before it comes out?

ExXxilE4002d ago

I know of tons of hardcore Diablo fans who are looking forward to this game. Diablo II was one of the greatest RPG games ever made, it has sold millions of copies world-wide. If you think that people are not as excited for this anymore you are wrong. What they really want to know is when the game comes out and what is going to be in the final version, so that we can start to plan out our characters a month in advance.

ThanatosDMC4002d ago

Well, i love Diablo II. It's just that why do they keep pestering us about the game if it's not gonna come out any time soon? Sure, it's to build up interest... but im arguing that doing so when the release is still unknown and will probably end up closer to 2010 or in 2010... wouldnt that interest die?

Also, i hate them for killing of my Necro. I stopped playing after my Necro was lv86 or was it lv89...Used that rune armor Bramble or something that gave me thorns and as well as my minions. Iron Golem plus Iron Maiden... Plus poison skills.