God of War 3: Our Patience Will Pay Off


"Games take time to make, and in the case of great games they usually take even longer, God of War 3 will benefit from the time and patience we give it, as the highly-talented Santa Monica team working on the game will tell you, it is a tough job making video games."

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The Judderman4012d ago

I reckon GOW3 will be great but can everyone please not hype this up like usual and then like usual when it comes out not buy it.
Lets be pleasently surprised and reach into our wallets for a change.

Helghast Slayer4012d ago

The only people that won't buy this are the same people who where never a fan of the franchise since the original on ps2. Oh and also 3fiixme loyalists who can't afford a ps3 or just hate it for whatever reason, possible raping their mothers or something of that delusional sense.

We will hype all we want because we know the game is in good hands and will meet at least our minimum criteria's of just being a bada$$ game. Just cause we have games to hype doesn't mean we can't hurt your feelings while doing so lol. Keep crying bot. We know you are a M$ basement butt buddy and a troll at large.

man i just love owning you kids.

sanamsingh4012d ago

Killzone 2 will distract me from the wait.

chaosatom4012d ago

and maybe some old ones.

Muppetmeat4012d ago

What the hell does the average gamer's patience have to do with the end product???

So we've got patient gamers - GoW releases on a given day.

So we've got impatient gamers - the same product releases on the same day.

You can be patient and impatient all you want, there's no payoff for one over the other here, as we're not developing the game.

remanutd554012d ago

while its true most of us god of war fans are dying to play the game i think the majority want to get the best game santa monica studios can make, so i speak for myself , take your time SMS i want The ghost of sparta to get his vengeance against Zeus and finish the fight with chaos and make the best game you can, we have a lot of games to keep us busy until then Zeus your time is almost up

interrergator4012d ago

its gona be one epic story

ScorpianusNoir4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

There will be a number of other games to partake in. i.e.

Killzone 2, inFamous, Ratchet and Clank F: TOD 2, Uncharted, WKC, and this doesn't include, Madden, NCAA football, NBA Live, Fifa, Nascar and many many others.

That being said, when God of War III hits, it will be heard around the world and the cries of dispair from those without a PS3, will be loud and horrible.

"Oh yes... there will be BLOOD"