What's to Love in a Gamer? Just About Everything

From the author: "It's a common stereotype that gamers don't get the girls. There's more than a few things wrong with the assumption seeing as some gamers are girls, some gamers are gay, and many gamers do, in fact, have a special someone. But, let's face it, plenty of players are total smarm-dogs who ruin the reputations of perfectly adorable people. So, for all of my favorite gamer guys, this is why I love you."

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StillGray4007d ago

There's room for love in the heart of every gamer, and someone special just for them. :)

iseven4007d ago

gamers can find love , too

Jerk1204007d ago

What's to love in a Ps3? Nothing.

Gun_Senshi4007d ago

Love does not exsists, only attraction thru chemicals. It has been scientifically proven

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