Why An FFVII Remake Wouldn't Be A PS3 Exclusive

Psxextreme: You know, that Final Fantasy VII Legacy article got me thinking... Thing is, as some of you said in the Comments, it's impossible to post up a story with FFVII in the headline and not immediately think, "holy crap, they're talking about a remake!" Well, even if we were, you should probably resign yourselves to the fact that if it ever happened, it likely wouldn't be exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

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kapedkrusader4009d ago

...they should come back home.

chaosatom4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

It's time they start allocating lots of resources towards the ps3 and start making games for it and also using ps3's blu-ray space, SPEs to make a really good game.

Square is now just rambling for Cash and getting no where by alienating most ps3 owners.

Muppetmeat4009d ago

I can tell you why it won't be exclusive: Microsoft will buy it. They'll send a freighter full of money to Square and get the game just like they did with GTA DLC, FFXIII, and god knows what else. And the end quality will suffer because the devs will have to dumb it down for the 360. But that's OK by the devs, because they'll be lighting their Cuban cigars with Microsoft's $100 bills.

kewlkat0074009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Yes they should go back to Nintendo....

I'm the creator of the franchise and I'll say this, "Final Fantasy have never been the same since I left".

Now who made that rubbish Final Fantasy XII?

Lifendz4009d ago

Anyway, it probably wouldn't happen because MS knows this game would be a system seller and, like most 3rd party games, they'd spend whatever it took to get it on 360 with exclusive DLC. Sad cuz that means the best version possible won't be built since they'll have to make it with DVD9 in mind.

Bgibbs4009d ago

When will people learn that SONY owns all licenses regarding Final Fantasy 7, including publishing. The only system a remake would be on, would be one from Sony.

GUNS N SWORDS4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

"SquareEnix's sales and quality have suffered from going multi-plat...
...they should come back home."

square soft started on nintendo not sony.

"stopped reading at the title
When will people learn that SONY owns all licenses regarding Final Fantasy 7, including publishing. The only system a remake would be on, would be one from Sony."

SE already made 3 versions of final fantasy 7 for windows.

the newest one is made by EA

edit, disagreeing isn't going to change anything.

SuperM4009d ago

What i dont like about this article is that it doesnt say anything about who has the publishing rights on the game. As far as i know sony published ff7 and has a say in all ff7 related games.

And thats the only thing that matters, if sony has the publishing rights then it will be ps3 exclusive, if they dont, then it will probably be multiplatform. But the fact that the article doesnt mention anything about this make it a fail in my book. There is nothing in this article that sheds any new light on if a ff7 remake would be exclusive or not.

SaiyanFury4009d ago


You're right, if you look at the box of any copy of FF7, you'll see SCEA's logo right beside Squaresoft's clearly showing that Sony had some kind of role in releasing the original game back on the PS1, so I doubt that Microsoft would be able to buy this game's exclusivity from the PS3. Although with S-E's current love of MS's hand down both of their pockets, I doubt that a remake of FF7 would seriously happen, as much as I'd like it too.

Kushan4009d ago

Square Enix's sales have suffered because their games have been crap. Make crap games and they'll sell like crap. If they concentrated on making the high quality games they used to, they'd be rolling in it - multi-platform or not.
FFXIII is going to sell bucket loads - on both systems (except maybe in japan)

vhero4009d ago

People have to realize that no doubt Sony probably owns some sort of rights on FFVII game and thats why a remake hasn't been made already.

Kushan4009d ago

Vhero, they own no such rights at all, by that logic we wouldn't have seen FF6 on PSX because Nintendo owned some sorts of rights to it (original was on the NES) and that wasn't even really a remake.

I'm not sure why we haven't seen a FF7 remake, I'd wager that Squeenix is waiting until they've remade 1-6 before doing 7.

GUNS N SWORDS4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

sony's the publisher of the ps version. (bottom right corner)

edios is the publisher of the pc version(bottom center) http://www.myprogramstore.c...

and EA is the publisher of it's version of FF7.(bottom left of the front cover)

no ware in any of the pc versions do you see a sony water mark, so that means SE has a different deal going on with each ff7 copy. the only company that i see owning the real rights to ff7 is SE other than the movie, sony pictures owns the rights to the movie of final fantasy VII.

paul-p19884008d ago

the 360 version of an FF7 remake (if there ever is one) would probably have more discs than the original....

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Helghast Slayer4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Because M$ would triple the amount on the check. What other possible explanation is there? They know FF7 is a outrageously popular game and they would do anything in their power to have it(even if gimped) on their turd of a console.

Might i say even paying Sony some sort of revenue. Why you may ask? well because the ip belongs to Sony and Sony has some % of shares in SE so yeah they still win lol. This article = EPIC FAIL.

George Sears4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Since when did Sony own FFVII? Sony was only responsible for the translation into the english language and publication in America and Europe. I doubt that Sony owns any rights for a remake by something created by Squaresoft and published 10 years ago. By your understanding, Eidos also owns FFVII since they published the PC version?

Where do people get this from?

Helghast Slayer4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Ok dude i just did my research to refresh my memory and this is what i found. "Square own the IP, Sony part own the publishing rights with Square, in Japan, Sony in America, and Europe, Square International everywhere else and Edios on the PC".

So in other words M$ would still have to answer to Sony or Edios because they have some say in it if it where to go multiplat.

PirateThom4009d ago

Funny enough, aren't Square Enix in the process of buying Eidos?

Helghast Slayer4009d ago

True Pirate. I think we heard something about SE wanting to buy Eidos.

Oh by the Jumanji FTW!!! lol.

SpoonyRedMage4009d ago

Square Enix is indeed buying Eidos, it's going through in may apparently as both parties have agreed. And they're now distributing through Steam so we may see a lot more PC games coming from Square in the future which can only be good.

behemothzero4009d ago

Holy crap dude.

You blew my mind. For some reason I forgot that.

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jams_shop4009d ago

Why would I buy a remake that doesn't utilize the PS3's full potential?

Helghast Slayer4009d ago

My thoughts exactly. This gen has been ridiculous with all the M$ check gobbling and turd distributions that have plagued the gaming industry. Why lower you standards when you can make games where you only limitations is your imagination.

It has gotten to the point where i can't justify wasting $109.00(Aus dollar) on a turd of a game. This is supposed to be the next gen so why aren't we seeing game with the same caliber as ps3 exclusives. I simply want quality is that so much to ask?

Third party devs will continue to be out done by first party devs until they start exploring their talents on "enter console name here" and start utilizing it to their strengths.

None of these lazy devs, and i mean NONE will get my money until i start seeing games with the same production values as Uncharted1+2, Killzone2 and...well you know where i'm getting at.

The Lazy One4009d ago

because the original game costs upwards of $80 now and a remake or even a release as an arcade game would cost very little depending on how much they upgraded it.

jams_shop4009d ago

I have the original release version. I would buy a remake only if it's developed exclusively for PS3/360 were they can utilize either console's full potential. I would love it to be for the PS3 just for the simple fact that changing disc was annoying back then and the 360 has few RPGs on multiple disc already.

The Lazy One4009d ago

I would honestly pay decent money for the original game with no more than enough of an upgrade to get it to render in HD. Maybe with redone cutscenes.

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R_19934009d ago

Just give me a damn remake. As long as it comes to the PS3, I don't care if it goes multiplatform.

SpoonyRedMage4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

...have a bubble!

I completely agree with you, FFVII is my favourite game ever and I doubt it will be surpassed (even if companies spend 100 Mil on games) but I only own a 360 so it would be alienating at least part of the games fanbase by not making it multiplatform, it's still a great game with it's PS1 standard stuff so it doesn't even need to use all of the consoles possibilities to be great.

People need to start thinking about other gamers and not just their clique(Whether PS3 owners or 360 owners or even Wii owners) because we all deserve great games.

EDIT: Why the disagree? The game can't suffer because it still be an improved version of an already brilliant game and the more people who play it, the better. Or is it because I own a 360?

TheTwelve4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Disagree. Tired of Japanese developers undercutting, cheapening and delaying their own work for the sake of a Microsoft dollar.


P.S. And NOBODY is a bigger FF7 fan than me. :) Don't insult FF7 by not making a remake as good as it can possibly be.

MrWonderful4009d ago

@ twelve
im a bigger fan than you my friend. i have 2 unopened blacklable copys of this game. plus one thats opened and a greatest hits copy for a spare.

SpoonyRedMage4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

How about for all the fans that own 360s like me? Why do you want us to miss out on such quality games?

Plus FFXIII hasn't been dumbed down and that looks brilliant.

@V: I wouldn't mind if it was on the Wii, it's still be an improvement of a brilliant game or are you saying FFVII as it is is rubbish because it isn't on Blu-Ray and in 1080p and doesn't have voice acting?

Any improvement is an improvement to an already great game and I'd actually like an FFVII remake on DS(and PSP, but it can already be played on it can't it?) so I could play it on the go.

TheTwelve4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

People's Champ--- Nu-uh. You're wrong. I actually cried when Aeris died. So there.

Spoony--- There is ample evidence in the past of games being delayed, held back and dumbed-down in order for Microsoft to be involved. To think that FFXIII is not suffering the same fate is silly based on what we've already seen.

"So that everybody can play"...well then, why don't all games be put on the Wii then? Dumbed-down for the Wii? There is nothing wrong with playing the best software on the best hardware.


MrWonderful4009d ago

@ twelve
i cried at that point and when red xiii found out his father was a hero and grandpa died. so beat that

kewlkat0074009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

As opposed to a new IP or game in the franchise. Some of you living in dreamland, talking nonsense.

The Lazy One4009d ago

when both those things happened I was too busy growing chest hair/beards and having sex with women to cry. My balls were also so big they blocked my tear ducts... turns out it was cancer.


JokesOnYou4009d ago

but how is it possible that FFXIII can suffer from being "dumbed down" at all when the devs have said its being made and optimized for the ps3 first, then ported to the 360? Its almost like saying if I took a cooking class from a gourmet Chef cook and he made some fancy meal that tasted great but then when I tried it didn't taste as good somehow makes the one the Chef cooked somehow now taste worst. How, the later one has no effect on the other?


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PS3isBUST4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Third Party Exclusives are really a thing of the past. Why is so hard to understand that? Companies want to make the most money they can.

It's a gen of multi platform games and that's why it does not vote well for the more expensive PS3. It's obvious how this console race is turning out and why PS3 is dropping it's ass all over the place. Their price is just killing them.

Both have approached it differently, Sony is focusing on building a strong first party army, while Microsoft is using any money they earn to payoff third party companies. Usually resulting in timed exclusivity, extra DLC, it just depends on how much money they put out.

In the case of Playstation 3 they're pumping out a lot of new IPs, like Uncharted, Infamous, Resistance and others. The bad thing is that they're unproven, the good thing is if the game becomes a hit, they have a new franchise that will be exclusive for life, sequels are what sells.

In the case of XBOX 360, they're putting their money on more known franchises. Trying to get any extra perks they can.

I think both strategies have their advantages and disadvantages. The reason PS3 is losing, is simply because it's still a multi gen, and their console is just too expensive.

The PS3 is gonna lose if they don't make lowing price their top priority, that means finding ways to reduce the cost of production. Their blu ray plan didn't work at all. I think because these consoles are purchased by people who want video games not HD movies.

Infact the whole HD movie generation has been slow to pick up, and Sony took a huge risk on blu ray and it's backfired. Blu ray was totally unproven. They also didn't do too much research or think down the road enough, because downloads are most likely the long term future. So, even forgetting about PS3 vs 360, Sony as a company just made an all around very regrettable decision investing so much into blu ray.

The gaming GOD4009d ago

And Sony has been lowering the price by altering production.

Think about it, every time the price was cut it was because they modified the system in some shape or form. And as a result, the ps3 is slowly becoming less expensive to make. When they find a way to make production less expensive again, THEN we'll see a price drop. Not before

PS3isBUST4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

And until then, until they find a way to reduce production cost.

And in the meanwhile... PS3 is just falling behind, falling behind.

So, they might want to hurry.

The cowardly PS3 fans can disagree, but hell. I'm sure they disagree even more with the NPD. Doesn't change the reality of it.