European Home update now live

Jem Alexander writes from Joystiq:
"Home Europe has received a large update today, including new furniture, costumes and a new game space. Watchmen fever continues with virtual copies of the graphic novel, as well as a Doomsday clock, being offered for your apartment. They're pretty pointless, but they're free! New Street Fighter IV costumes (Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and Guile) are now available to purchase from the Threads store.

The Home Square also got updated with a new minigame..."

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Helghast Slayer4003d ago

Nice to see Sony pulling all the right moves lately. Home will only get better starting with these updates and the EA Sports Home space.

WildArmed4003d ago

Im looking forward to the EA space..
Com'on golfing and race track? Who doesnt want that!

doctorstrange4003d ago

in the home plaza there is a blue circle on the wall and when you go up to it it says teleport. when i click on that it says area restricted try again later...