Inventions that would make gaming better

Good inventions are brilliant. They're new things that are specifically designed to make things better. The top of GamesRadar's 'Good inventions we want' list reads like so:

1.Time machine.
2.Star Trek-style transporter.
3.Cigarettes that won't make us dead.

Yeah, it's pretty unimaginative, but anyone that doesn't have a time machine and Star Trek-style transporters on their list is just trying to be a smart ass. Anyway, being big fans of inventions, they thought they'd brainstorm some ideas for gadgets and gizmos that would - in some way - make gaming better.

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Jerk1204002d ago

Y'know what would make gaming better in general? If Crapstation 3 didn't exist.

DNAgent4002d ago

If PS3 didn't exist then i'm sure you would be happy because right now you are crying because you bought a 360 instead of a PS3. If PS3 didn't exist then you could've had a reason to justify your purchase.

manwich254002d ago

The ideas listed here could yield untold wealth's to the creator

rockleex4002d ago

Lol, splitscreen without splitscreen... why didn't I think of that!?!? XD

PR3DAT0R4002d ago

More like if you didn't exist, why the constant bashing seriously you little dumbass xbot, PS3 is not crap i have both consoles and i will conclude my comparisons with the ps3 being more enjoyable.

slipnir why don't you create positive, intelligent comments instead of PS3 hating comments, i mean you don't even create valid points or even points fo that matter.