How "Innovation" is standing in the way of progress

Gamer Limit writes: "Yeah, me too. I'm sick to the teeth of the word. So much, in fact, that I almost shudder whenever it leaves my lips: "Innovation". There, I said it. OK, typed it *hand shudder *. Unfortunately, it's a word that is increasingly cropping up in the world of gaming, and so I've become resigned to the fact that it exists, casting its huge shadow over the realms of creative thinking.

I really respect and am excited by the fact that gaming is being pushed forward more and more, with new ideas and gameplay elements creating both new genres and a broader spectrum, in terms of experience, within already existing ones. It's just that I wish things felt a little more organic than they are right now. I wish new ideas didn't have to be labelled so ungraciously, sought out and picked apart in great depth, causing developers to second guess themselves and get stage fright just when they had something good going on."

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Dimly4012d ago

You raise an interesting point.

Fullish4012d ago

At this stage I think I prefer Innovation over gameplay, they need to advance the field.

IdleLeeSiuLung4011d ago

Agree with Fullish above. No matter how amazing graphics are, I want something new every now and then. Getting tired of FPS since it is the exact same gameplay over and over in different worlds.

KZ2 looks amazing and I was hyped into buying it. However, after trying it, I'm not so sure it was the gem everybody made it to be. Is it good, yes, but so was CoD4 that is over a year old. I think every game should come out with one new innovative idea and add it to the mix.

KZ2 cover system is one I have never seen in a FPS before. It wasn't great, but it added something new and different from CoD4.

beavis4play4011d ago

it does so in so many ways. but let me ask you: have you played the "secure the courtyard" portion of the game? because that's as good as combat has EVER been in a FPS game.

Microsoft Xbox 3604011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

All of a sudden innovation is more important now that Killzone 2 is out. Double standards I tell you. Just a couple short months ago, when Gears of War 2 released, nobody gave a damn if it was innovative or not. I'm not surprised a 360 fanboy came in here, bringing up Killzone 2 as an example of no innovation. All I see is jealousy from the 360 fanboys now.

chrisjc4011d ago

Actually if you read the article you'd see that the author loved Killzone 2.

rockleex4011d ago

Examples: Haze, Timeshift, Fracture, etc.

Good examples of innovation: Flower, Ape Escape(PS1), Portal, Gran Turismo(first driving simulator), etc.

Microsoft Xbox 3604011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Actually if you read my comment, you'd see it wasn't targeted at the article.

evrfighter4011d ago

then why bring it up at all?

your not one of those "ps3 and kz2 gets no love somebody call the whambulance" types are you?

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Cloud-14094011d ago

Innovation shouldnt be forced.

markfrost4011d ago

Let's not let innovation ruin what could have been awesome gameplay. Adding new things to make a game stand out is fine (as long as it doesn't harm a game's potential).

johnnywit4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

What gets me is you have these awesome 2d games and then when 3d hit it was like everyone jumped on the bandwagon and forget about what made the games great. I think if something is great why mess with it. I understand that developers wanted to move forward but it became more like this is what we have to do instead of I wonder what we can still do with 2d games.

Nihilism4011d ago

it's so true as well, people are more concerned with if a game has trophies/achievements, than if the game is any good

evrfighter4011d ago

As much as I dislike doing the "agree 100%" I've done it a couple times here don't get me wrong. Ya you make a good point. I remember back in the day games likes cs and bf1942. truly innovative games of their time. didn't go for the trophies/achievements/unlocks and were huge successes.

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