Army of Two: TFD Announced!

StalkingSilence of PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

A mysterious teaser site showed up on today, with the tagline: "SUBMIT"

Clearly it's related to Army of Two, from the URL address. But when inspecting the source code for the page a little more is revealed. All of the information confirms that the new Army of Two game is on the way.

Here is what StalkingSilence found:
Game Name - "Army of Two: TFD"
Description - "Army to Two. The definitive third person co-op shooter is back." [sic]
Studio Name - "EAM" (EA Montreal?)


Unsure if TFD really is the name, but it's definitely the sequel to Army of Two, made by EA Montreal.

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StalkingSilence4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

Looks like this is the game that EA Montreal was set to reveal on March 12, 2009?

*EDIT: TFD = Task Force Dagger/Delta?*

StalkingSilence4491d ago

Electronic Arts will publicly announce a new project from Army of Two developer EA Montreal next Thursday, March 12, the company revealed in a press release today.

Specifically, the release was a publicly-distributed invitation for "local media" to attend an advance presentation on March 9 at EA Montreal. A release announcing the game will hit March 12, and any subsequent impressions and interviews are embargoed until March 16 at 9 AM EST "in order to ensure fair coverage for media across the globe."

WildArmed4491d ago

Plus bubbles!
I really liked the first game, but the multiplayer was dead :(

Hope they do a better job this time around with online + jump in-out co-op..

joydestroy4491d ago

yeah dood, thanks for the update. +bubbs

Sev4491d ago

Do you guys see this?

PSLS is still bringing you scoops, and news, even though our site is down. Now THAT is dedication...

It should be back up this weekend. We get way to much traffic for our current server, and it crashed.

Mozilla894491d ago

Just a few weeks ago a couple friends and I decided to pull a long gaming session and blow through Army of Two on split screen. It was a blast and I def hope this game comes out this year.

ChampIDC4491d ago

The first game was far from perfect, but it was darn fun with a friend. I'll be looking forward to this one.

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Helghast Slayer4491d ago

If it's multiplat forget it i'm not buying it. Besides, the first one was worst than a turd. Come on EA give me something to justify washing $109.00(Aus dollars) down the drain.

Pennywise4491d ago

Not all multi-plats are bad.

BladeSpain4491d ago

The game name is not Army of Two: TFD" ....Its Other.

StalkingSilence4491d ago

From the code:
s_ea.prop2="ARMYOFTWOTFD " //Game Name

Now if you know something I don't know, that's fine!

thehitman4491d ago

Another army of two I enjoyed first 1 a lot the co-op very fun. Only thing I ask is if they making another make it a bit longer... Me and my cousin beat it like omg thats the end...

Sangria4491d ago

Let's hope they will learn from their mistakes and enhance the multiplayer experiences. Army Of Two would have been great if it released before Gears Of War.
Army of Two sounds more like Army of Four or Army of Eight (meaning: 4-8 players coop).

StalkingSilence4490d ago

they are outsourcing the development of the multiplayer component of the game to a different developer... supposedly

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