Resident Evil's Mercenaries Mode Retrospective

Gamer Limit writes: "With Gametrailers doing a full-on retrospective for Resident Evil, it would be hard to top that. Instead, I'm presenting to you one of the finest extra modes in gaming: Mercenaries. The objective is simple enough: make it through a gauntlet of zombies and creatures with a time limit. Think you can handle it?"

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gidzilla4012d ago

Including a score attack mode into a survival horror is a genius stroke; doubles the longevity. Many a long night on Resi 4 trying to neck-break the chainsaw weilding maniacs.

Fullish4012d ago

Whoa awesome article, took me so long to be able to play as Hunk.

markfrost4012d ago

I can't wait to play RE5's mercenary mode (especially with a friend over online co-op).

chrisjc4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

IGN says it cannot be played online, but there are reports saying it can....hmmm....

Heldrasil4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

Wrong their mate, Capcom has annouced that it will in fact be online, split screen AND system link enabled. The online and system link are rumored to be available as a download the first day. IGN is wrong.

chrisjc4012d ago

Yep! Although Capcom never confirmed online for Mecenaries. You're thinking of the confirmation for story-mode play about a month back.

Either way, gamers have just confirmed Mercenaries online despite IGN's claims to the contrary.

Heldrasil4012d ago

"You're thinking of the confirmation for story-mode play about a month back."

Actually, I'm not. I am thinking of the numerous forum posts today by people who are already playing it in Asia.

chrisjc4012d ago

Ok so what are you talking about?

First you say "wrong Capcom has announced"
Then you say "wrong forum posts today by people".

All I was saying is Capcom never officially announced it.

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