Wheelman demo a 360 exclusive for now, coming to PSN later

TVGB: "Ubisoft has announced that the Wheelman demo is a timed exclusive but that it will arrive on PSN on Mar. 12."

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WildArmed4012d ago

I was wondering why i didnt see it on the EU store. Playing K2 last night so i wanted to put it to download while i played Elite.

But w/e.

I'll just put it to download on mi 360 next time i plug it in.

chaosatom4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )


What Could anybody gain from this is beyond me except ruining their reputation and sales.

If they Think that making it timed exclusive will make it sell more on 360, then NO! If the game is crap, then it won't sell exclusive demo or not.

Helghast Slayer4012d ago

HAHAHA it's just M$ hard at work again. Pathetic losers, they have now resorted to paying for exclusive demos...really M$? paying for unfinished bug ridden test codes? lol.

pwnsause4012d ago

lol Microsoft buying timed exclusives on Demos, no games this year Microsoft?

Helghast Slayer4012d ago

lol it's just M$ hard at work again. Pathetic losers, they have now resorted to paying for exclusive demos...really M$? paying for unfinished bug ridden test codes? lol.

GrandTheftZamboni4012d ago

Yeah, MS is quite creative and generous with their business model: exclusive games, exclusive DLC, exclusive demos, early release dates... I wonder what effect directing that effort and money to hardware and software development might have?

Major_Tom4012d ago

This is a really interesting choice, I'm not sure what to make of it. Most I expect is this being a satisfactory title, why Microsoft paid for this to be an exclusive timed demo, I guess we'll never know.

Reminds me of GTA:4 DLC. Lost and Damned was okay, those of you who have played it will know what I'm talking about.

WildArmed4012d ago

I liked the DLC for GTA.
It was a good deal for the money.
But the original was waay better.. i enjoyed it but it wasnt the same quality as the game xD

But I'd recommend it to any1 who has 360 n has GTA IV

Major_Tom4012d ago

To each his own, I was part of the population who didn't enjoy GTA4 as much as the prequels.

-EvoAnubis-4012d ago

But wasn't it the Wheelman devs that were recently whining like little b!tches because they couldn't figure out how to program for the PS3? If so, then this isn't really that shocking. They could make the entire game a timed exclusive for all I care; it's not as if I'll be buying it. And no, it's not because of the comments they made, but it's because I have too many upcoming games I need to get anyway, and this one was never going to make the cut.

Johnny Rotten4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

They said something like the PS3 was a pain the @ss and the Xbox was a cheap PC. This is just a game to promote the movie with Vin Diesil anyways. no thanks.

WildArmed4012d ago

yeah your write.
They said 'PS3 is a pain in the ass"... but w/e. Imma just play the demo, don't plan on buying the game anywayz.
Unless its 10 bucks

ThePlaystation3guy4012d ago

DAMN YOU MIDWAY! Why must you make a demo exclusive for a GAMEE THAT I WILL NEVER BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honeslty, I have a ton of gamer friends. I know NO ONE who wants The Wheelman. No one. Sorry Midway!

Helghast Slayer4012d ago

Tell me about it. Mediocre games will not cut it for me this gen. I need a game with the quality of ps3 exclusives that can justify why i should wash $109.00(Aus dollars) down the drain.

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