Nintendo Bashes PlayStation Home

Nintendo of America's director of PR, Beth Llewelyn, has spoken out† about about the recently announced PlayStation Home.

Speaking at GDC, Llewelyn said:

"I think Home is very interesting, it looks like Sony is trying to figure out where their niche is. I saw things in there that reminded me of products that we've done and things we've done. It didn't seem something wholly revolutionary."

A double-edged comment, if ever SPOnG heard one. Expanding, Llewelyn tried to distance Nintendo from Home, saying:

"[Home] is very different from what we are doing. On a personal level, looking at it, it would be something I would never do. You're not got to reach someone like me. It would invest too much of my time."

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smitty4632d ago

nintendo = trix.... for kids.

bouncybullet4631d ago

and all of the best resident evil games.

MySwordIsHeavenly4632d ago

Someone's scared!!!

Now that Home has been announced, the Wii Channels seem quite Juvenile. I think Home and Live will take over Internet Gaming...even over PC. I know...Half-Life sue me.

Ohkay...that fruity cheerios thing. What happened to fruit loops? Are they not so fruity nemore?

I'm bored now...and myspace won't let me sign on. FRICK!

Miyamoto wouldn't have turned this down if they had the technology to run it. Home is a great idea and i'm pretty sure most gamers wouldn't mind it. I can't wait.


PureGamer4632d ago

a case of the famous sour grapes

cuco334632d ago

i think what she's getting at is that not everyone's into a sims style environment. not everyone is willing to devote hours to customize a virtual world. i know i can care less about it but my younger cousin would be all over it. i would use home as a means to connect with friends to play games, but i dont want to do it in a world that mimics real life. i love how live is setup, click on person's name and join in. i dont care for side games of pool or arcades, trophy showcases, virtual environments, or how many colors i have for shirt designs or wallpapers for the virtual home. it's not my thing. i want a ps3 to play games, not do everything else it's trying to do

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The story is too old to be commented.