Metal Gear Solid Touch Pwns Nintendo DS And PSP Games

Blend Games writes:

"Surprisingly enough, this game almost looks better than most PS2 and PSP titles. In fact, Metal Gear Solid Touch just runs circles around that pathetic handheld device known as the DS. Konami released some new screenshots to back up my words and leave jaws anchored on the floor."

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PirateThom4005d ago

I'd still rather play Portable Ops.

Tempist4005d ago

Hear hear! Great call old chap.

Seems like some reviews need some hands on time befor putting out a declariation.

Leio4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

Yeah looking good or not whats the point when your fingers are in the fuking way :D

SaiyanFury4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

Yeah, since I'll never own an iPod I'll also stick to Portable Ops. And so what if the game looks better? First, I've already gone through MGS4 several times on my PS3, which looks better than ANY iPod game, and I don't have to play with touch controls. I'd rather play with a traditional control layout, thank you very much.

Tony P4004d ago

So what they're saying is I shouldn't expect serious news from Blend Games.

ThanatosDMC4004d ago

HAHHAA! I was just about to write that till i saw your comment.

Montrealien4004d ago

I have played portable ops to death, and wil play it again in the furure. I will also play this one when it becomes available. The power of choice. Useless comment Pirathom, nothing new here...

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Lord Anubis4005d ago

oh boy but if he only knew you can only shoot through a sniper rifle so it more of FMV than an interactive game :(

Sangria4005d ago

He wont be so much enthusiastic when he'll know that Metal Gear Touch is a hit-the-cardboard game. Sure, you can make awesome graphics if those are only artworks that scrolls horizontally or vertically.

Avto4005d ago

Yeah, I see what you mean, but it looks good for a iPhone game.

rucky4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

"Surprisingly enough, this game almost looks better than most PS2 and PSP titles."

It's a flash game what is this guy talking about?

Fishy Fingers4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

Not really a fair comparison. Fixed camera angles, fixed scenes etc

Still though, the iphone is much more powerful than either the PSP or DS, with some decent dev support I'd only expect to see better looking games. Iphone needs some sort of "pad" accessory or something first, your kind of limited on your options when you have to have fingers all over the screen.

Iphone Vs PSP (basic) specs in case your interested:

PS360WII4005d ago

That is very true, but this guy is saying a light gun game trumps all of the handheld gaming goodness... 0.o not even close

Fishy Fingers4005d ago

God no. I'm definetly still going to spend my time gaming on the move with the PSP. Much better games, much better control scheme.

N4PS3G4005d ago

lol at the fanboy haters

you posted a list with specs comparisons and they still disagree with you.. classic !

Iphone is more powerful..but the lacks of controls hurts it so much

Avto4005d ago

Problem with this iPhone is more powerful is thing is PSP has a GPU and we don't know much about it, the fact is PSP can do God Of War and Crisis Core, when we see iPhone GPU do something even close to that, then it's a fact, but not yet. More MHZ doesn't always mean better CPU.

SiLeNt KNighT4005d ago

Avto is correct. its impossible to use numbers that lack information... not to mention that lack of information is regarding one of the most important components. We dont know what gpu the psp has and that list fails to mention that the psp has two 333mhz processors.

regardless the iphone should be a lot better considering its about 3-4 years newer than the psp. this argument will become invalid soon anyways as the psp2 will blow the iphone away. i wouldnt argue too much about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.