Gamespot: Fallout 3: The Pitt DLC Hands-on

At the beginning of Fallout 3, all seems lost. You emerge from the depths of Vault 101 and make your way into the Capital Wasteland to find it a desolate, barren and seemingly lifeless place. But by the time you finish the game, you have encountered--and quite possible killed--all manner of people and creatures, from fire-breathing ants to slavers and rather civilised ghouls, but with few hints to life further afield.

The Pitt, which is the second piece of downloadable content for the game, opens with less of a solitary feeling. You receive a radio transmission asking for help, and this leads you to a dishevelled-looking gentleman called Wernher. He asks you to accompany him to the ruins of Pittsburgh to obtain a rumoured cure for the radiation-based mutations that are blighting humanity. As you might expect with Fallout, how he approaches you will vary depending on your Karma--if your Karma is good he'll appeal to your better nature, if it's bad then he'll appeal to that basest of instincts, the urge for profit.

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