The Big Games from GDC

Many games made a special appearance at GDC this year, but Gamedaily lists the top 10 games that were most popular.

Take a look at the Big Games from GDC photo gallery and find out if your top game made the list.

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MySwordIsHeavenly4332d ago

According to early impressions, Blue Dragon sucks compared to most RPG's. Lost Odyssey looks freakin' awesome though. I can understand most of them, but why is Forza on there? Why did Microsoft feel the need to COMPLETELY copy Gran Turismo? Who let them get away with this? Why did it get those reviews? I personally think racing games suck. The only ones worth playing are Motorstorm and Burnout!

Little Big Planet is freakin' sweet...

Yo Wassap4332d ago

It's obvious that you just prefer arcade racers to sims. That's fine but at least as mentioned below put something dow purely without fact, it doesn't do you any favours.

cuco334332d ago

u have absolutely NO clue on what you are talking about when it comes to racing games. none what so ever. sounds like brand loyalists preaching merda. copy? if that's true then GT series has copied every modable racer before it's time (i know, not many). forza 2 will be AWESOME in it's own way and very well has the momentum and quality to take down GT's dominance in racing 'sims'. im sorry i am a big racing fan and have always loved GT series but every new one just felt like a patch as opposed to a whole new game. and the fact that you can win races by mashing the gas into other cars or walls proves it is no sim

Silver3604332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

Arguably one of the most anticipated games of the year. Revolutionary character interaction. Being able to chose between being good and being Jack Bauer good. Kill and torture to get what you want. This game is soo hot and it isn't on this list. And as for 2 just read the review Forza2 it will rock your world, if you play it it has persistent real world damage effects, you can lose a bumper on the track and it will stay there the entire race. Also the AI improves every time you race it learns from everything you do even your mistakes. If you love Motorstorm and burnout that's fine. Just don't put down something you know nothing about.

techie4332d ago

Was that not on there (cant be bothered to look again)? I would've thought it would have been...oh well - it'll be a hit when it's released.

blackmagic4332d ago

A pretty fair look at GDC although I would replace 'calling all cars' and 'shadowrun' with 'mass effect' and 'fable 2' based purely on the number of news stories that I have seen. Having said that however, this likely represents what coders, artists, etc that were at the show happened to be looking at...

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