Thunderbolt Games: Grand Theft Auto IV:The Lost and Damned Review

Bart Robson, Thunderbolt Games: "Grand Theft Auto IV, after its blockbuster release last year, has become something of a dirty word in the gaming community. While many stand by it as a bastion of clever writing and immersive gameplay, many jilted fans disregard the serious story and more realistic game mechanics as a step down from the wacky San Andreas, and a lazy effort from Rockstar overall.

It's a debate that rages ever on, especially in the wake of the game's many game of the year awards earned over the holidays. The Lost And Damned, an Xbox 360 exclusive piece of DLC, expands the adventure with a new protagonist, a more criminal-oriented story, and new activities, as well as some bells and whistles in the form of weapons, vehicles, and minigames. It won't win over the die-hard San Andreas nostalgic, but GTAIV players will be delighted."

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