Prince of Persia Epilogue Drops, No Achievements in Sight

while the good news is that the Prince of Persia DLC finally dropped, the bad news is that 360 owners are left without achievements for it...

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PirateThom4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

It's odd the PS3 version does have trophies.

Must be said though, the 360 achievement icons are pathetic.

WildArmed4000d ago

Usually they get the 360 achievements done b4 trophies.\
Maybe they have a bug thats not showing them?

Joni-Ice4000d ago

It is surprising that the 360 version doesn't have achievements. Looks like the 360 was left out this time instead of the PS3.

BIGBIRD3244000d ago

this sucks man....the DLC better be free then

Vegivo4000d ago

yeah and thats one of the reasons why i got it for ps3 XD