Why We Game - To Escape

Loot Ninja writes:

"Tragedy and violence convoluted my life ever since I became self-conscious. I wouldn't wish it upon my most hated enemy living the life I've lived. Some people would call it luck, while others might think it was destiny. Whatever it was, it assisted with battling my demons. Growing up when and where I did would seem like something out of a movie – or the constant shit you hear and see in the media revolving gangs and whatnot. I'm not saying I've lived the worst of lives, but I think that at my age, I've seen things that would put what most have seen to shame, sadly. Fortunate for me, I found my Mecca in gaming – a hobby that would save my life from the clutches of the stereotypical lives lived by those who were my neighbors, my friends and even my family; a solemn life that egregiously leads to incarceration or death."

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MS2721674007d ago

It's so interesting the way videogames are able to, not only be a way to escape everyday lives, but also allow people to grow and learn. Nice article.

yamamoto1144007d ago

This is a good read. I recommend sending it to all your friends and family.

Tapewurm4007d ago

Great read. Would love to see more of this type of news here on N4G and in the media. Now I am gonna have to start checking out Loot-Ninja on a regular basis :)

drunkpandas4007d ago

That was utterly amazing. It’s great to see stories where gaming helps people, unlike the multitude of mainstream media blitzes on the industry.

dubbalubagis4007d ago

That is a crazy story. I can't even begin to understand your situation. It's good to hear how gaming has a positive influence on some people instead of all the negativity that surrounds the industry.

iiprotocolii4007d ago

It's things like this that the media doesn't cover - the idea that gaming can be used in positive ways. Rather, they indulge themselves in constantly trying their hardest to label gaming as a misleading, violent form of entertainment.

LeonSKennedy4Life4007d ago

For the most part, gaming has been accepted by the media. It's not just for kids anymore and everybody knows that.

The only problem we have now is keeping it like it is. We need people like Insomniac, Epic, Bethesda, and Valve who will be willing to go the extra mile to prove themselves.

I would say Team Ico, but they are Gods among mere servants. How do you even compare? Kojima and Nomura are definitely up there, but neither will ever touch Team Ico.

greyishfox4007d ago

I think it's not a case of developers/studios/publishers stepping up but industry groups and rating boards. Stories like this will help when trying to get games into Australia as it shows games don't encourage everyone to emulate the behavior they present. (Oz doesn't have an 18+ rating and is VERY harsh on any drug use).

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The story is too old to be commented.