Top 10 Most Embarassing Video Game Cartoons of All Time

A discussion about 10 abysmal video game animated series that ruined gamers' collective childhood

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stewie328874007d ago

I wonder if anyone remembers the other Sonic the Hedgehog TV show. As I recall it followed the comic book series pretty closely and although it too featured Urkel as the voice of Sonic, it was pretty good as far as VG inspired cartoons go.

PirateThom4007d ago

Yeah, SatM Sonic was a lot better. did commentary on a few episodes recently.

shoinan4007d ago

Yup, Sonic cartoons did get better, but that wasn't exactly hard to do.

Prototype4007d ago

Man I remember watching these after school, and that Sonic Cartoon I used to watch that before school started (of course the sat morning version was far better and I even remember the final episode). I even remember the Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter cartoon Sunday Mornings on the Cartoon Express.

Sat. mornings now are nothing like it used to be; I remember getting up at 5 AM until sometime around 1 PM, now its like 9 AM - 11 if your lucky.

TheTwelve4007d ago

Yeah, there were two Sonic cartoons...they showed the wack one.

I agree with all on this list except for Pokemon...the game is just as stupid as the cartoon so nobody was embarrassed.


nbsmatambo4007d ago

brings back so many memories..

used to love watching Sonic and Double Dragon


ar4007d ago

I have the dvd:s. :D

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VirtualKatz4007d ago

Yeah glad I never watched these lol!

cain1414007d ago

I never knew there was a pac men one... wow...

iTZKooPA4007d ago

Captain N was cool as crap at the time. Didn't even know a DKC cartoon was made.

italianbreadman4007d ago

Man! I used to love the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! The music is great, and I didn't know any better.

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The story is too old to be commented.