What Halo 3 players could have been doing….

Gamer Limit writes:"It has been announced that the billionth game of Halo 3 has been played on Xbox Live, that means roughly one game has been played for every six people on the planet. In terms of time spent, if each game lasted 30 minutes, it's over 5000 years of playing time.

This is quite an achievement, but I decided to look at what these players could have done if they had used this time in other ways."

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Gun_Senshi4005d ago

I don't see valve or dice boosting their zillions of matches on counter strike and battlefield 2 or 1942

mboojigga4005d ago

That would be because they haven't reached that many games played idiot.

Gun_Senshi4005d ago

I am sure that counter strike beaten the number of games of Halo 3 by billions of not zillions.

When it was out there were like 500kmillion online everyday.

Major_Tom4005d ago

Nice job calling him an idiot when Counter-Strike and all that is nearly a decade older and reading the daily charts would be more than a million players playing Half-Life alone.

Just because you talk like that on Xbox Live doesn't mean it's welcome every where else.

GiantEnemyCrab4005d ago

Why make a whining issue out of this? If it bothers you so much, which obviously it did enough for you to comment, why not just ignore it?

This is huge milestone for Bungie, why turn this into a fanboy comparison.

Man_of_the_year4005d ago

Halo, N4G, DROIDS...uh hello...

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FreestyleBarnacle4005d ago

They could have cured cancer or created world peace or fed the poor or as Bill Hicks would say they could have filled up everyone's cars with petrol. What seems more likely?

BRG90004005d ago

I hate that it uses 30 minutes per game, when in reality the average game is about 1/3 that. It's not that relevant to the point he's making, but I just hate when people exaggerate to try to make the numbers look more impressive.

meepmoopmeep4005d ago

"Oh well, off to play Killzone 2."



Bnet3434005d ago

"Oh well, off to play Killzone 2."

aaaaaand there goes his credibility

Dimly4005d ago

Interesting perspective.

SiLeNt KNighT4005d ago

or they could rob a bank, kill somebody, steal a car, join a gang, burn a house down...oh wait they do burn down houses with overheating 360's, scratch that last one.

point is gaming is always looked at negatively. i dont like halo but theres no denying its popularity and ability to bring like gamers together and keep kids off the streets.

like i wrote in my last post... dont hate, appreciate!

ParanoidMonkey4005d ago

Originality. Gotta love it.

Fullish4005d ago

Yep, keeps the violent ones in doors.

Chris Vass4005d ago

Love this story. Halo 2 zapped many hours of my life, Halo 3 jsut didnt do it for me as much though.

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The story is too old to be commented.