Major League Baseball 2K9 review at Operation Sports

Operation Sports' Dave Branda gives his review of MLB 2K9, relating his disappointment with the game, with such statements as, "The biggest problem with MLB 2K9 is that, sadly, most games play out like a high-pitch summer softball league game, and not like a showcase of some of the finest baseball professionals in the world.

I am not talking about one of those softball leagues with equipment rules either. I am talking about one of those leagues where all the players have $500 NASA engineered bats.

Computer-controlled hitters hack away at almost anything near the dish and make a ton of contact in the process. In fact, during about a week of playing MLB 2K9, I can count the number of strikes called looking on two hands. Called third strikes are an even rarer commodity -– nothing less than a perfect pitch will ring up a hitter on default sliders.

Now, you can artificially work the count by throwing balls to boost the pitch count. Nevertheless, the stark reality is that hitters work the count to try and get a pitch they like, which is not the case in this game. The same goes for the A.I. when it pitches. I could take two strikes in hopes that the A.I. throws a ball, but why not swing away when I know there is little to no chance of being walked on the default sliders.

Couple this free-swinging attitude with tons of long balls and a lot of offensive fireworks, and the softball league analogy holds true."

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JonahFalcon4010d ago

Did Dave read my review, or do great minds think alike? :p


any idiots who owns a ps3 and buy this crap need baseball 101 from me sscoolchea....