Halo Wars sells 250,000 units on day one in the Americas

Sales of Halo Wars are expected to comfortably pass one million worldwide, likely hitting 2-3 million making the title easily the most successful Xbox360 RTS game to date, with the title already having sold over 200,000 units outside of the Americas.

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MGOelite5381d ago

like ive said for the killzone 2 sales this is vgcharts and means f all to me, im guessing halo wars did about 500k and killzone about 900k in the USA

pumpkinpunker5380d ago (Edited 5380d ago )

yeah, keep living in dreamland.

true, it's vgchartz. but that type of deviation from NPD's numbers would be unprecedented.

I love how you're "just guessing" and 5 people agreed with you. Sony fanboys trust some random nobody's guess more than they do VGchartz because it's what they want to hear. Maybe VGchartz should hire this guy and get credibility with the 15 year old Sony fanboy set!

Monchichi0255380d ago

Nothing against KillZone but I doubt it sold more copies then Halo Wars in the United States....even with an extra weekend out in the market. Halo is just a mass market entity now while KillZone still has not reached that level. It will probaably one day, but it takes a lot of time and advertising. Something you can only blame Sony for.

But I've been playing both games and can say there both AWESOME games and reccomend everyone to pick them up.

ErcsYou5380d ago

" Sony fanboys trust some random nobody's guess more than they do VGchartz because it's what they want to hear. Maybe VGchartz should hire this guy and get credibility with the 15 year old Sony fanboy set!"

LoL.. The sad thing is that MGOelite's numbers will probably be closer than VGchartz..
wait, do you trust VGchartz??? LoL. How about we just wait for some "official" numbers..

XxZxX5380d ago

250k? i doubt it, should be more than that.
HALO 3 sold like millions and 250k for HALO Wars??

I'm a sony fanboy but I still wont underestimate HALO brand name.
VGChartz pull the number from the bung hole again.

Eddie201015380d ago (Edited 5380d ago )

I played the demo and thought it was alright, but it seemed a little watered down and simple, like a casual RTS, it looks pretty and the pre rendered cut scenes are really good. If this game wasn't based in the Halo universe, it would not even have sold as well as VGChartz says it has (because RTS's don't sell well on consoles) and VGchartz is usually pretty generous with Xbox 360 sales, games and console.

Not hating on the game, if you like it fine, but I think even with its decent sales we will see lots of used copies on the shelf, maybe not, but that's my opinion.

pshizle5380d ago (Edited 5380d ago )

is a simple casual rts from what i played in the demo

im not saying its bad though...but i believe more people were waiting for killzone2 than halo wars...than again i could be wrong.

i expect halo wars sales to be around the same or less than killzone2...

even though halo is a big brand name...i am not sure about an rts game on a console selling better than a fps. if it does happen i find it laughable at Sony since this game took around 5 years to develop.

Bnet3435380d ago

Halo Wars has legs, it will sell over a million next month.

Danja5380d ago

well TBH

these aren't bad numbers so whats with all the hating....it's an RTS with the Halo brand name attached so it's selling well..this will easily sell 2-3 million by the end of the year..


LOL, seriously WHAT ELSE is there on 360 right now. All of my friends 360s are full of cobwebs...

sonarus5380d ago

Thats quite unimpressive for a game with so many midnight launch locations

Nonsense 4 Gamers5380d ago (Edited 5380d ago )

In related news: GameStop has 200,000 used copies of Halo Wars in stock.

godofthunder105380d ago

Ps3 fanboys need to grow up and stop sounding like a broken record.The fact is that every one knew that KZ2 will out sell HW.A FPS will always out sell a RTS any day on any console.The fact is that a FPS on a 360 will always outsell an RTS on a ps3 and that's a fact.If ps3 fanboys really want to compare game sells of both systems should do it fair.They should look at the sell records of KZ2,the best FPS on the ps3 against Halo.Every Halo game out sold KZ2 in the same amount of days.This is a fair comparison.A PS3 FPS against a 360 FPS.

To compare a RTS game against a fps is just a pathetic,bias,and childish comparison of game sells to make it look like the ps3 is selling games a lot better.The fact is that the 360 game sells are doing a lot better then the ps3 and wii.This is the reason why the 360 is making money now.People need to understand that console sales doesn't help a company out.They always lose money on consoles sell,hell at one point sony was loseing almost $200 on every ps3 sold.They make the majority of their profits off the sell of games.This is the reason that the 360 is in the black ahead of time instead of the red.

I'll admitt that they have some 360 fanboys that act childish,bias,and pathetic to.The fact is that ps3 fanboys outnumber the 360 fanboys by at least 2 to 1.I don't care what article i read they have ps3 fanboys on it making an a** of theirselfs like fanboys do.Ps3 fanboys never give credit where credit is due and it's pathetic.They claim that the 360 and every game on it sux and it's just a pathetic childish way to act.

They are so bias they they make an a** out of theirselfs.They claim that microsoft stole or bought exclusives away from sony.They claim that microsoft stole or bought FF,NINJA GAIDEN and other ps3 exclusives away from sony.They even claimed that microsoft tryed to buy or steal the ps3 exclusive MGS away from sony.The most pathetic thing ps3 fanboys ever said was that sony never and will never steal or buy exclusives away from anyone.They claim that sony made all the games their selfs.They also made the stupid remark that sony cares about them.The fact is that FF,NINJA GAIDEN,MGS,and some other big ps3 exclusives was exclusives for the nintendo first.The fact is that sony stole or bought these exclusives away from nintendo and that's a fact.They did the same thing to nintendo like microsoft is doing to them now and that's a fact.To say otherwise is just a bias stupid remark.

Unlike ps3 and 360 fanboys i give cred where credit is due.I'll admitt that the ps3 is the most dependable console every made.I'll also admitt that i wish KZ2 and R 1&2 was on the 360 because they are great games.On the other hand i don't care about MGS because to me it has the most stupid story line in the history of video games.I also don't like LBP because it's a childish game.I'll also admitt that when the 360 first came out it had a high defect rate but it's fixed now.I'll also admitt that they have games on the 360 i like and games i don't like.I'll also admitt that they are both great systems because it's a fact.

Fanboys need to stop acting pathetic and start acting their age.I don't care if it's microsoft or sony neither one gives a sh*t about anyone and that's a fact.The only thing they care about is making a profit and they will do anything to do it.To say that a company cares for you is just plain bias and the people that says this must have a really low I.G.The fact is that sony and microsoft was both caught lieing to the consumers.

Ps3 fanboys are always saying that sony never have any problem with their products.The fact is that sony weas sued over defected computers and cameras and that's a fact.Sony was also sued over the defect in the ps2 and they lost.They were forced to fix the systems.When the ps2 was 1st released it had a defected drive in it.You could buy a new ps2 and buy a new game and when you go to play it it would say can't read disc on the screen.it wouldn't work no matter what you do.

Ever company has problem with products.What p*sses me off is when ps3 fanboys claim that microsoft don't care about us because they screwed us becfause they only gave a 3 year warrinty.The fact is that sony only gave an extra 2 month warrinty for the defect in the ps2.My ps2 went out about 5 pr 6 months after i had it.I called sony and they told me that the extra warrinty was over.They said that i would have to pay $100 to have the drive fixed in my ps2.Ps3 fanboys still claim that microsoft screwed us with a 3 year warrinty.If that's true then sony made us eat sh*t with a 2 moth warrinty.I had to pay $100 to sony after haveing it about 5 or 6 month to fix the defected drive because the warrinty was out.On top of that i had to buy new ones before 3 years because the drive kept going out.On the other had i bough 2 360s at launch.I had to send 1 back about 2 years after i had it and it didn't cost me a danmn thing either.To say that sony screwed us with a 3 year warrinty is just bias talk.if they want to talk about that they should compare it to sonys extra 2 month warrinty for the defected drive in the ps2.

They are all good systems with good and bad games on them.They all have negative and positive things about them to.Ps3 fanboys and 360 fanboys need to stop fighting over graphics.The fact is that graphics are the last thing that i look for in a game.

Tryst5380d ago

you hit the nail right on the head with that.

I really feel for the people who went out and bought this game 'assuming' it to be a FPS. I'm guessing that there will be a 50% return rate on this game.

Shame people are like sheep and dont do research a bit better.

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Handsome_Devil5381d ago (Edited 5381d ago )

so basicly the game sold 450K world wide so far ( i know it is vgchartz ) but if its true and its the launch week. I can see the title hit 1 mil. in its life but no more :)

which i think is very good and amazing for an RTS on a console

table5380d ago

its a shame but i bet that it will sell more copies than empire total war because of the name halo. not that i want halo wars to sell bad but i guess its the same with all things in life that are popular.

butbutbuttehcell5381d ago

Pretty decent, altho Halo fans in general won't really care about this. Microsoft should focus on sweeting up Bungie to do the 4th installment since Bungie pretty much hate Microsoft now...

Juevani5380d ago

Man where did u get that from?? have bungie came out and said anything that even look like that?? post link next time u gonna claim something, this community is goin under for each that passes, and thats a shame..

butbutbuttehcell5380d ago

Read in a magazine about 3 months ago, but I've seen it on the net 2. But I don't keep a record so you look for it if you want. It was someone at bungie doing an interview where they said something like "the longer down the line we go, the less involvement we'll have with Microsoft"

"post link next time u gonna claim something, this community is goin under for each that passes, and thats a shame..."
I don't have 2 post a link for every 'claim' I make. It's something I read, I wasn't claiming anything! I don't have a link to the magazine...
What are you on about this community is going down? What by saying they've read something and not always having a link for it?

original seed5380d ago

spreading lies. This is why this site gets a bad rep.

Eddie201015380d ago

Bunji probably has a love hate relationship with Microsoft, Much like most companies that work with Microsoft. Love the Money, don't love the Microsoft so much.

GiantEnemyCrab5380d ago (Edited 5380d ago )

Freakin Aye! The amount of MS FUD that flows from this site and its users is amazing. So much so that it would be a full time job to try and correct half of the bullsh*t that comes from this place.

PS: VGChartz is accepted now?? Funny any time KZ2 numbers were reported it failed as being fake but even after this story gets the same reports it passes.

meatnormous5380d ago

I did hours ago. VGchartz should never be news worthy.

edgeofblade5380d ago

I don't know how wanting to be an independent studio translates into hating Microsoft. Perhaps they just like being independent more than they like working with Microsoft. After all, it was Microsoft who helped propel them to stardom.

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Hellsvacancy5381d ago

I wonder how many copies got returned

rhood0225380d ago (Edited 5380d ago )

You may never know, tbh.

I doubt you'll see any "Halo Wars the most returned game in HISTORY" articles popping up.

Those are exclusive to the Playstation 3.


Juevani5380d ago

ând that is why u drawling for Killzone 2.. get a life, or get a PS3..