The Decline of Sega (The Mega Mistakes)

Gamer Limit writes: "It was no secret that in the early nineties, the console war between Sega and Nintendo was starting to wane. Nintendo was having incredible success with the NES and Gameboy franchises, while Sega was left with a moderately popular console and general underdog status. Other console developers (such as Panasonic and Sony) were starting to notice a rapidly growing market and set to developing competitors to snare market share away from the Big 2."

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syvergy4009d ago

Very interesting article, never knew that Sega had so much internal issues.

Chris Vass4009d ago

I just hated Sonic's voice so much!

Fullish4009d ago

You mean the surfer dude voice?

DNAgent4009d ago

I think he means Urkel's voice.

Cloud-14094009d ago

I love Sega, and i would of loved to the Dreamcast's successor

iseven4009d ago

sonic was good, until 3d came along

Fullish4009d ago

I liked the DC Sonic games =/

markfrost4009d ago

Sega just had really bad timing in everything. That and poor business decisions.

Socomer 19794009d ago


YAKUZA 3 !!!

THE Millions of Sonic games sold to children !

Their console is the games & they rock!
even if they had a console today it would only play the games that are out right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.