The Pitt confirmed for March 24, three new shots

VG247: Bethesda just confirmed Fallout 3 DLC The Pitt for an March 24 release.

Find new screens after the break.

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MetalProxy4001d ago

I a few seconds I thought they where coming out with a 'The Pitt' video game. (based on the comic book) :(

JasonPC360PS3Wii4001d ago

I have The Pit 1-5 signed by the creators, sealed.

Superted20074001d ago

Yeah so PC users please boycott and get it off torrents instead.
Why should we pay microsoft for stuff we are used to getting for free if they even have the cheek to force a poor service platform on us. Oh and they still havent fixxed gears...

lord_of_balrogs4000d ago

Because this is actual 5 hour DLC, this isn't some new mods or a new playlist, this is full fledged DLC. You already got your level editor be happy. Typical PC superiority attitude........ you guys act like consoles are the root of all evil and PC gaming is a gift from God and that you guys are the chosen ones.

GiantEnemyCrab3998d ago

Yeah, boycott and download them that way Bethesda and MS get the message to stop releasing things on PC all together and then these can actually be true exclusives for the Xbox.

TheROsingleB4001d ago

Cant wait for this DLC, hopefully it lasts longer than Operation Anchorage, although a fun change of pace I feel like it was way too short.

Sayai jin4001d ago

Good news. I am close to finishing the regular game. Does anyone know if this DLC will allow you to keep playing the game even after beating the main quest?

Cintai4000d ago

The next DLC is the one that will let you play after the game as well as increasing your level past 20.

LuvBurger4001d ago

Please, oh please let this be better than Operation Anchorage