EU PlayStation Store Update - March 5th 2009

GOONL!NE: "PlayStation Store got updated, lets take a look at what was added for the EU Store."

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FreestyleBarnacle4001d ago

Can someone share? This site contravenes my work's fair use policy.

Keowrath4001d ago

Here you go

Main Content:

Watchmen: The End is Nigh (Game) [£12.99]
Watchmen: The End is Night (Demo) [Free]
Wanted: Weapons of Fate (Demo) [Free]
WWE Wrestlemain: Legends of Wrestling (Demo) [Free]
No Gravity: The Plague of Mind (PSP Game) [£8.99]
Prince of Persia: Epilogue (DLC) [£7.99]
Burnout Paradise Toy Cars (In packs or available on their own) (DLC) [From £1.59 seperately to £7.99]
Street Fighter IV Femnine Fatale Pack (DLC) [£3.9]
Lunmies Supernova Classics Pack (DLC) [£3.19]
Skate 2 Throwback Pack (DLC) [Free]
Bruce Pack & Carmen Pack for High Velocity Bowling (DLC) [£0.79 each]
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm - Storm Pack II (DLC) [Free]
Metal Gear Online - Scene Trailer (Video) [Free]
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin - Launch Trailer (Video) [Free]
Crash Commando - Airbourne Assult Wallpaper (Wallpaper) [Free]
Crash Commando - Maps Theme (Theme) [Free]
LocoRoco 2 - Color Theme (Theme) [Free]

Rock Band:

No Doubt - New (Song) [£0.99]
Steve Roy Vaughan - Texas Flood [Songs from £0.99 , album costs £7.49]
*Dirty Pond
*I’m Cryin
*Love Struck Baby
*Mary Had a Little Lamb
*Pride and Joy
*Rude Mood
*Tell Me
*Texas Flood

(* = bought with the album or seperately)

Guitar Hero:

European Track Pack 3 (Song Pack) [Songs cost £1.59, pack costs £4.59]
*Vanilla Sky - Break it Out
*Rita - C’est Camme
*Rasmus - In The Shadows

(*=bought with the pack or seperately)

Keowrath4001d ago

Can anyone answer if there is going to be a SF4 costume bundle on the EU PSN or has that just been confirmed for other regions? I'd much rather wait before buying any of the packs. They are blatantly a rip off but I love the game enough to be ripped off =/

Also, nothing on the UT3 Titan pack for EU? Is this going to be a PSN download or a patch update?

Johnny Cullen4001d ago

Epic delayed the Titan pack but the patch which enabled trophies was released.

Keowrath4001d ago

ARGH! So I'm still without splitscreen for now? Well I waited this long, I'm sure I can wait a little while longer.

And yeah, Guts FTW! =)

Johnny Cullen4001d ago

Oh yeah sorry, my bad, I forgot to mention too.

Splitscreen was added in the patch too as well as trophies.

Keowrath4001d ago

heh cheers, just this second saw the other article on N4G that says splitscreen is included with the trophys.

Been hoping for splitscreen since the game game out so now I'm well heppy!

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LightofDarkness4001d ago

Awesome, 3 demos and plenty of other stuff. Fun fun fun.

Erotic Sheep4000d ago

Was lightly dissapointed with the Wanted demo. The movie was awesome so I was hoping the demo would be the same. It all seemed a bit dull, after doing the tutorial atleast I knew what I could do but meh. When that trailer popped up at the end it looked freaking awesome again but I dont know now. Will wait for reviews.

voice_of_ reason4000d ago

Who the hell is Stevie Roy Vaughan? ...I wonder if he's as good as Stevie RAY Vaughan lol.

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