Five Ways Microsoft Will Own 2009

Mention Microsoft as a company that is losing steam quickly in the console race, and you'll be immediately hammered by Xbox 360 owners across the globe. And you won't get much agreement from CGReviews, either. Things look grim, but don't be fooled. Microsoft is preparing to unleash some wicked firepower, and may just stop Sony in its tracks.

Sources have shared with Cam five things that will put your 360 on top of the hype train for 2009. Ready? Read on.

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Handsome_Devil4003d ago

I gave this my approve just for the hell of it.


now on topic:

this is not bashing, this is really is my own analysis for the whole article. as I said MY OWN, so please do not think it is bashing :).

1- "Sources revealed" this sources could be anything, it can be speculation and guesses, and it could be a real sources. now when I look at the rest of the sentence ( "as Microsoft has been falling back on the "value of Xbox Live" for too long now." ), make me feel its more of a speculation.

2- "My source" now that bring us back to number 1. add to it "My speculation is that we'll be seeing this before year end." I would like for it be true as its going to make the competition even harder and more interesting, which make us both parties win :D

3- well I only hope for it to have a decent MP, and not broken :). oh yeah I play it in a friend xbox 360 :) so this way I don't miss on anything and he won't miss on any PS3 title ;)

4- "I don't think it's a big deal, but apparently Microsoft is still putting faith in exclusive downloadable content. Word is that they're securing some heavy DLC for Assassin's Creed 2." now why won't they use this money to develop a whole new exclusive game instead of pay more to get more of the game ( which you paid a full price for :S )

5- now number 5 is actually the most exciting part of all of it, I do wanna know what M$ have more to add to xbox live service :D

Chris3994003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

And exclusive JRPGs from Mistwalker. Nothing this gen on any system has really come close to Lost Odyssey, and I bought the system for that title and others that I hoped would follow in the genre.

I don't care about features, bundles, enhancements etc.. I don't use my PS3 for blu-ray either, if that gives you some idea where I'm coming from.

Gaming consoles should be used for... you guessed it... games!!!

Oh, and no more FPS' this year, from MS or Sony. The market is drowning in them.

Handsome_Devil4003d ago

Come to think of it, this gen lack the decent JRPGs in an unbelievable maner, you would think both consoles would have some decent amount of them.

now the xbox 360 have it more the PS3 does, but some of them are not even worth it. as you said nothing really so far came close to Lost Odyssey.

Game13a13y4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

6) make a system that won't go crapped out on you.

I_am_rushin4003d ago

It's hilarious how Microsoft will "rule" because they haven't announced anything versus Sony who has already announced a boatload of games.

Chris3994003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Lost Odyssey was an EXCELLENT game. If you're a console loyalist, the only reason why I didn't mention Valkyria Chronicles (my other favorite Japanese game this gen) was because it's a SJRPG, not a JRPG.

Don't take it personally that Lost Odyssey was a great game simply because it wasn't on your system of choice. That doesn't change the fact that it was the closest to an epic JRPG that we have come this gen (by most people's evaluation, myself included).

Anyhow, back to the point of the article, Microsoft needs to announce more exclusives this year to counter Sony's slew of releases. I expect competition to fierce, especially if - when - they (Sony) drop the price of the PS3.

All this corporate banter aside, the only thing that I care about are the games, JRPGs in particular. From MS and Sony, I'm eagerly expecting announcements on this front.

Be a gamer, not a brand loyalist.

MikeMichaels4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

It's already March (the 3rd month) of this year. That a quarter of 2009 gone already.

E3 is in May, this is when we hear that they're gonna announce stuff. Thats half a year gone.

How can they possibly "own" 09 even at this point? Its obvious they're lying to their user base.


Anyone wanna wager that they purchace a few multiplat titles in the near future and say....look...see...we told you!!

cayal4002d ago

"Sony who has already announced a boatload of games."

Sony aren't stupid. I have no doubt they haven't shown their hand yet either. There is more to come, I guarantee it.

And I am sorry but Assassins Creed DLC? That's a 'reason' why it will own. Big friggin whoop.
If it was Assassins Creed EXCLUSIVE. It might be a reason.

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dj555555554003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Wow that was pointless, should have just said "Five Ways Microsoft Will Own 2009... number 1. because my mate said so" 2. because ummm..... stuff will happen. 3. ooh a gears of war game (Surprise!) 4. halo (who would have guessed) 5. because i say so".

evilmonkey5014003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

my thoughts exactly. Until Microsoft announces anything I will speculate that the year is shaping up nicely for SONY. Its all about the games. Microsoft has sold off or disassembled almost all of its first party studios and is relying all on third party support. On the other hand SONY has more than 17 first party studios churning out AAA titles. This year I am especially looking forward to MAG, GOD OF WAR 3, UNCHARTED 2, HEAVY RAIN, INFAMOUS, KILLZONE 2, WARDEVIL, RATCHET AND CLANK 2, WHITE KNIGHT CHRONICLES, GT5(POSSIBLY) and THE AGENCY.
There are several more slated for release this year and I'm sure there is even more unannounced titles for release this year.I think it is unfortunate that Microsoft has basically decided to nonsupport its own system (funny, because they are a SOFTWARE company) with the exception of yet another HALO franchise spin off. (I'm not including gears because now it is officially third party) Im glad I own both systems though....just in case.


gears is third party as far as your concerned.... your rediculous.

evilmonkey5014002d ago

You are correct. I made a mistake. Epic is a SECOND party studio. (not owned by Microsoft)

Hiruma Youchi4003d ago

Aww man Another title thatll make the SDF dudes crazy. Watch the people who support 360 get Disagrees for fun.

get at me

pumpkinpunker4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

SDF is going to go nuts this E3. MS is keeping secrets this year even better than last year. Halo 4 is going to drive them bonkers, too. this sh^t is funny to me. Halo 3 came out in September 2007. Halo 4 announcements are long over-due. If Halo 4 was a Sony title they probably would have already shown a CGI trailer of it at E3 2008.

How's the news on super-awesome 5780 players at once MAG? any release window yet? any actual game footage? anything? anyone? ***crickets***

I love how at the beginning of every year the SDF pulls out their long list of games and declares it "year of the PS3" but as the year wears on more and more MS announcements send the SDF into Aspergers syndrome frenzy. Remember that dude who threatened suicide when SE announced FF13 on the 360? Good times, good times.

rawd4003d ago

What happened to the Wii? Does the Wii disappear in 2009

table4003d ago

the wii isnt a games console. its a fashion accessory.

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