IncGamers: Empire Total War Video Interview

IncGamers caught up with the Creative Assembly team to discuss their much-anticipated strategy title, Empire: Total War. Hear what the team has to say about the new features, including the all-new naval combat system, and see the game in action.

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syrinx4003d ago

Great interview, deffo grabbing this tommorow.

Dorjan4003d ago

They're right, we wanted navel combat!

AndyA4003d ago

Navel combat? Is that like piercing? :)

Maticus4003d ago

The Total War series is just epic, hope it doesn't stop here.

Fyzzu4003d ago

Wasn't that impressed by the naval combat in the demo but I think I'm going to have to pick this up anyway...

Agent VX4002d ago

Just went to my local Best Buy, I have a $50 gift card I have to spend, and they still haven't received it... Freaken tards!!!

Dang, have to wait a little longer. :-(