Take A Look At The Left 4 Dead Downloadable Content

Left 4 Dead's getting a new coat of paint soon, with the release of the new "survival" DLC pack. It'll bring two new campaigns to vs mode and a "survival" game type. So let's take a look!

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BIGBIRD3244007d ago

I Love this game Valve did a AWESOME job for this one

Trollimite4007d ago

is this in the ps3 section.

CONFIRMED L4D is comming to ps3!!!

rabbler784007d ago

yeah the whole exclusivity thing should really just be dropped, i know it's all about the money, but come one gaming this good is meant to be shared.

excaliburXL4007d ago

i've been trying to break my L4D addiction. This is not helping. oh well.

LudaToke4007d ago

Other Developers should take note. At its core L4D is an extremely simple game but it is done very well. The guns aren't complicated and there isn't a large selection but it still works better than most shooters. The fact that this DLC is most likely going to be free is also amazing.

eZACKe4007d ago

Going to be awesome! Mostly looking forward to the Survival mode.

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