Sony shrugs off iPhone, mobile games threat

PSP is "always going to win out" as a dedicated games machine, says UK boss.

Sony Computer Entertainment UK MD Ray Maguire has shrugged off any perceived threat to the company's PSP handheld from Apple's iPhone, and mobile gaming in general.

Speaking in an interview with ME sister magazine MCV to be published tomorrow, Maguire also says Sony is actively targeting the kinds of 'snacking' games that are prevalent in mobile.

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Dannagar4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

What happen the last time Sony Shrugged off the competition? Nintendo's Wii took first place in the console war and Microsoft's Xbox 360 took second place. Sony, learn from your mistakes.

meepmoopmeep4005d ago

Sony needs to read Sun Tzu's The Art of War

it's a book everyone should read.

majorsuave4005d ago

Yep. Sounds like the portable war will be fought between Apple and Nintendo soon enough.

forcefullpower4005d ago

There is no threat from the iphone. I don't know one single person with an iphone that gives a crap about gaming on it and don't know anyone that would even buy one for that purpose.

Your comments are fanboy enabled.

WildArmed4005d ago

You do realize Sony has been wining every gen-gaming before PS3?
Just coz they came out later then the competition, doesnt make them worser in anyway.

And iPhone is the last thing i want to play on.
I love my iPhone and all (great SNES games and what not)
But my hardcore gaming (portable) is still PSP (Remote Play ftw on dat note)

PSP has better graphics than DS.
I'm not sayin x is better than y.
But, it depends what gaming u like.
Most people are casual gamers, so its obvious which will win. Doesnt make any console/portable better than the other.

DelbertGrady4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

"You do realize Sony has been wining every gen-gaming before PS3?"

By that I assume you were born in 1995 and have no idea that consoles existed before the PS1?

ThanatosDMC4005d ago

Sorry, but games on Iphone sucks.

eagle214005d ago

I wish MS had the guts to release a portable. I wish apple would take MS out the gaming market.

Sony and Nintendo will always make the best games and platforms.

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TheColbertinator4005d ago

The Iphone is not a threat until it has a flagship title like Halo,Metal Gear or Zelda.

Dannagar4005d ago

Aren't they making Metal Gear Touch for it?

PotNoodle4005d ago

Too right. iPhone/iPod touch will never be considered a proper gaming platform.

WildArmed4005d ago

I always thought of it as an advanced ipod.. my portable gaming needs stay with PSP.
I love being able to watch movies and stream the internet directly on the itouch, but dats where it ends. Gaming stays where its ment to be :D

jrsenkbe4005d ago

I could never consider the iPhone a gaming device, its not. Wait until the PSP2 comes out. What would apple do if Sony added a phone option with the PSP2 and signed with a company like Verizon Wireless?

solidt124005d ago

They have Skype but a real phone carrier would be cool.

OutLaw4005d ago

The only way Apple could be a threat to Sony and the PSP is if Apple makes a separate Handheld system. I am not moving my phone service over to play some video games.

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The story is too old to be commented.