Capcom on SecuROM: It's not the bad guy writes: "Capcom has defended the popular copy protection tool SecuROM, which is generally hated among the PC gaming community, saying it is "much maligned for things that it is not necessarily responsible for"."

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rroded4012d ago

damn it capCON no ones saying copyright protection is bad but when it has a negative effect on the very game your trying to play or the machine your playing it on its an issue. Besides which it offers 0 protection from the product being cracked.

heroicjanitor4012d ago

How is it negative? Does it crash the game or something?

majorsuave4012d ago

It is incompatible with a lot of apps it deems suspect, it installs files without asking, it messes with system settings...

As far as I'm concerned, the best anti-piracy service I've seen so far on PC is Steam. Yes it needs an internet connection and phones home but I have nothing to hide and at least it allows me to use other software I like.

IdleLeeSiuLung4012d ago

I wonder why there isn't a anti-piracy software that is open source? I mean it seems counter-intuitive, but at the same time it provides transparency. Open Source software has proven to be as reliable and secure if not more than closed source. Security through obscurity has been tried gazillion times and almost always fail.

SuperM4012d ago

secuROM is the bad guy, because it makes the product you buy in the store worse then the product you download for free from the internet. And the games are as easily cracked as usual.

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TheBand1t4012d ago





I thought I heard it all, but this takes the cake. Any system that limits your installs is FUBAR

altimako024012d ago

do you run virus protection when your gaming,no because it uses recourses. that is why securom is the enemy you cannot shut it off and it uses recourses while you are playing a game , which translates to less performance. if you are like me I want every frame per second my system is able to put out

LeonSKennedy4Life4012d ago

As much as I love Capcom...



Major_Tom4012d ago

Of course a company would say that, they're inclined to persuade the average consumer for the reason of more sales.

This is bad PR though, Capcom shouldn't have said anything.

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