Epic Releases Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack & 2.0 Patch

"It's here at last, the update of TITAN proportions for Unreal Tournament 3! The Titan Pack adds 16 new maps, three bonus pack 1 maps, two new game-types, the titular Titan mutator, vehicles, deployables, 57 Steam achievements, and more."

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TheIneffableBob4012d ago

The Steam auto-update will be available in an hour or two, but for those who don't want to wait...


SWANN4012d ago

The update is available now!!! I downloaded it on my PS3 an hour ago. Go get it!!!

TheIneffableBob4012d ago

That's a trophy update, not the Titan Pack.

The patch and Titan Pack released on the PC today. The PS3 will get them two weeks from now.

akaFullMetal4012d ago

so im guessing this isn't the ps3 one, might be up when you boot the game on right?

Mindboggle4012d ago

Ps3 version is delayed until march 19th, it sucks

Torch4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

Awww, you serious??? Damn, was looking forward to downloading it this week.

Oh well, guess I'll have to opt for my (friendless) PC version for now.

BTW: Just a heads-up for those of you living in Canada considering purchasing the PS3 game as a result of this update:

While at EB last week to pick up my Killzone pre-order, I noticed a bunch of used PS3-version UT3's on sale for a cool $15! Couldn't resist and picked up a copy in anticipation for this update.

Can't go wrong for that price - with or without the Titan pack.

And for those of you running the PC version using an Nvidia 8800GTS (minimum) chipset, you may be interested to know that Nvidia has released a 500MB PhysX pack for the game, which I've found to be fully compatible with the Steam-based installation of the game.

Vip3r4012d ago

The update is out in Europe.

Mindboggle4012d ago

No the "titan" pack is delayed, its just the trophie patch that isnt delayed

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Socomer 19794012d ago

i am trading call of duty 4 modern warfare and battlefield bad company today. i was about to trade ut3 but since trophies will be out soon i'll hold for a moment.

its time to plug in the mouse and keyboard for some ps3 style old school fraggin... maybe not this game is not that good.