GDC: Industry Vets Never Metagame They Didn't Like

9:00 in the morning is no time for serious discussion about anything, much less a subject as daft as videogames. Taking the hour in spirit after a week of deadlines and appointments, Frank Lantz of area/code threw together a board game he designed and a board of game designers to explore the issue – however lightly – of thematic cross-comparison.

The game board consisted of fifty spaces arranged in a hexagonal pattern, each representing a significant game: Lemmings sat next to Parappa the Rapper, Doom, and Nethack.

Two teams, split up amongst Eric Zimmerman of Gamelab, Warren Spector, Mark Leblanc of Mind Control, video game theorist Jesper Juul, Ubisoft's Clint Hocking, Jonathan Blow, and USC Professor Tracey Fullerton, moved their virtual quarters around the board to make thematic comparisons between often highly-contrasting games.

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