Killzone 2 on PlayStation 3, Out of Control

Most would agree that Killzone 2 gives us graphics that are up to par with or exceed the best console of gaming available today. The sound is amazing and story is expansive even if it's not so well-acted. But the most controversial point about the game is its controls and the developers have taken heat for it.

The outcry about the controls on KZ2 has been so loud Guerilla games producer Seb Downie recently responded to cat-calls for a control patch. Downie says no changes are required. The sluggish controls are here to stay so get used to it or stick with the Call of Duty franchise.

"After carefully looking into this, reading the posts, talking to a lot of you directly and analysing the controls at GG we have come to the conclusion that there are no changes required to the system," affirmed Downie.

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Genesis54012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

I have no problems using them. Took me about an hour to get use to them and make adjustments. Now I can play fine with them.

Nineball21124012d ago

I'm adjusting to them, but I gotta be honest. I don't like them.

It does add another level of "complexity" to the game. It's something that needs to be considered when you are playing the game.

I would prefer the controls to be more fluid, but it's still a great game.

Who knows... by the time I finish the game, I might prefer the way they feel.

joydestroy4012d ago

yeah i'm glad they didn't alter the controls. i personally love them.

NNNW4012d ago

if you dont intend to go online any time soon, at least give skirmish a shot. You'll most probably feel more comfortable with the controls there. I hate the SP's control "feel".. but the one in MP feels great.

4012d ago
Beast_Master4012d ago

I actually complained at first when I went online with KZ2. Then I got used to it and then jumped over to COD5 last night and owned all night. So I actually became better at MP games by playing KZ2.

Nineball21124012d ago

Thanks. I havne't actually jumped into MP yet. I was planning on playing the SP all the way through first.

I didn't even think that it would feel different in MP compared to the SP campaign.

I'll keep my mind open until I get a chance to try that.

I'm not saying the controls are "horrible", just that they are not to my liking atm. I'm sure I'll get used to them the more I play.

Mindboggle4012d ago

Why the hell would you want to change the controls to COD. Thats the reason we have COD, so we dont want another one. Everyone I know is getting bored of COD4 and 5 and killzone is really different and a new approach at FPS and we all love it.

Im glad they didnt copy it, and I love the Killzone controls, just like I love the COD controls. I wonder what will happen if infinity ward change the controls for modern warfare 2, will we get all these idiots complaining, probably not. If you dont like Killzone, dont play it, noone cares and just let the hundreds od thousands of people who enjoy it get on with it.

Sarah Palin4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

just like in any other game, you have to get used to the controls. lol. DUH

How does crap like this get approved?

4012d ago
solidt124012d ago

Yeah it just takes about a hour of online to get use to then after that to me it feels better that any other shooter because of the difference. It makes you play more tactical and that I love. COD4 is basically run and gun. This is like a first person SOCOM which is a good thing.

yamamoto1144012d ago

The gameplay is what defines how "tactically" you play. The input delay is an entirely different issue.

Agent VX4012d ago

I don't care for the controls, I prefer more COD 4 controls better.

But this ain't COD 4, so you just have to adjust and enjoy the game with the controls they have implemented. Maybe they will have better controls on KZ3.

RudeSole Devil4012d ago

You like COD4 better because games like Halo and COD have auto aim enabled. In Killzone 2 you need to actually aim.

creeture4012d ago

I love the controls it take skill to play and I got it.Got rid of COD R2 and the rest of the shooters I can't go back to those primitive controls.

memots4012d ago

Posted that on some other tread where people were crying about Killzone control

"Another console fps player who can't handle the fact that Killzone doesn't have auto-aim.

Funny how people call something a bug when its a little harder to learn. To all these cry baby about the so call "lag" maybe your mom should stop spoon feeding you @ss and maybe you can start trying to learn thing instead of having everything easy."

Really guys .. Does everything need to be easy with auto-aim . Do you want a A.I to play for you too ?

Tempist4012d ago

I like how that to most FPS gamers a FPS cannot be drastically different or unique from another fps. There is this seeminly enharent problem with gamers that is that they cannot accept a game when it stands on it's own merits to be different or unique and that there's this phobia towards something being unfamiliar requiring a settling period.

Until this is purged from gamers, the progression of gaming evolution is dead in the water.

XxZxX4011d ago

YES really, if u love COD4 so much, just play COD4. stop complaining if you cant adapt. Gamers can adapt through out games, HALO 3 , Resistance, Gear of Wars, COD4 they all have difference feel. AND Noessssssssssssssss, we wouldn't switch for you just because you are good at one and suck at the rest.

Agent VX4011d ago

Give me a break!!! You obviously have never played COD 4 online, so "Why" talk about something you don't have a clue about? Quit regurgitation what ignorant fanboy BS say!

COD 4 doesn't have "auto aim" enabled in multiplayer. Yes, it does have a very slight auto assist in which if your cursor is very close to a moving target, it tends to "very slightly" move with the target for a "very brief" time, but in no way locking onto the target.

The single player has a much more accurate auto assist if you "Choose" to enable it, but who plays COD 4 for the single player game, it's all online now.

Simply, KZ2 controls are cumbersome even with light weapons which makes it unrealistic in my eyes and frustrating to play. I can see if they had a very good "Weight" scale to take in account of weight for weapons, but they don't. The controls are sluggish plain and simple, and I think they could of did a better job with the controls.

But throwing in some obvious lies around about "Auto Aim" doesn't help the fact that a good many people don't like the controls, and making lies about other games isn't helping your cause.

macalatus4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

@agent vx,

If you want to play the "numbers" game based on the number of people who complain about the "sluggish" controls to make your point a fact, then dig this:

100% (and it is really 100%) of my friends who have played COD4 agree there is an "auto aim" in the COD4, so using your logic, it is a FACT!! Also, just to let you know, 75% of them are multi-platform owners, just in case you start labeling them as "rabid Sony fanboys".

And about your light weapon argument, you're still carrying other things with you, i.e, ammo, grenades, knives, body armor. In other words, just because your using a knife or a pistol, it doesn't mean the weight of the stuff that you're carrying simply "disappears", hence the overall sluggish movement of your body!

I know, because I'm a military veteran myself! :)

XxZxX4011d ago

oohh snap, macalatus, nice AgentVX killzonowned there.

Highatus4011d ago

"I don't care for the controls, I prefer more COD 4 controls better.

But this ain't COD 4, so you just have to adjust and enjoy the game with the controls they have implemented. Maybe they will have better controls on KZ3."

Maybe by KZ3 your brain will have grown more than the size of a peanut, so that your comments don't ooze a blatent stink of stupidity.

TreborRversed4011d ago

Love it, don't change them

Viper74011d ago

Theres nothing wrong with the controls. In Killzone2 they might have added some slight movement delay to aiming to screw up the run and gunners. You cant really just run around hoping that theres no enemy behind the next corner.

Cant remember how many kills I have gotten from simply rushing players. sometimes the players just run in a freaking line formation just to be shot one after another :|

""COD 4 doesn't have "auto aim" enabled in multiplayer. Yes, it does have a very slight auto assist in which if your cursor is very close to a moving target, it tends to "very slightly" move with the target for a "very brief" time, but in no way locking onto the""

Dunno what your trying to prove but call of duty 4 and 5 both have ridiculous auto-aim. I only need to point the P90 in the direction of enemy to kill him.
Not to mention if I toggle aim it will go straight to enemy so I dont really need to even point it as the game does it for me.

andron4011d ago

I haven't had any problems with the controls. Not in the open beta, not in the demo or in the full game. I had to switch to alternate 2 and I was done.

Have to say I'm a veteran of the original KZ and liked that one very much too. KZ2 handles like the first game and also a lot like Bad Company and Black. All great FPSs.

It's like the article says, we are dealing with a very vocal minority backed up by hit hungry web sites. Not a good combination, and I'm happy GG are on top of the situation...

CobraKai4011d ago

I just had to fine tune the sucker until it gave me the response I felt was adequate. I still compensate for the lag though. I tend to let go of the stick a little before it reaches the target. I do have to say, like a lot of people on here, it did make me a lot better at FPSs.

Danja4011d ago

considering the fact that I hardly even have time to come on N4G ne more since KZ2 was released says alot about how much I have been enjoying these games , while it took me a good 30 mins to really get a grip of the control scheme fully it actually seperates this games from many others and I love the fact there is no auto aim in this game..

ne ways haters will always complain about the minor things , ..

KZ2 >>>>> COD4....and thats how I feel about it right now...

MP is awesome btw this is where the controls really shine...

PoSTedUP4011d ago

the only thing im concerned about is the DLC. make it good GG!!! : )

rockleex4011d ago

I have never played other COD's before, so I couldn't aim for shiat!

It felt kind of like how it feels to pick up Killzone 2 for the first time.

It took me about an hour to aim like a god in COD4, same goes for Killzone 2. Now I don't even notice any aiming problems in both games.

DaTruth4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

After all this generic FPS talk, they completely re-vamp FPS controls and add weight to the player, but yet it is still a "generic FPS", "Doesn't do anything new". I love the controls cause it feels more life-like.

For the first minute I play in a day, I'm always veering the gun side to side spraying until I get use to the gun weight.

Also, they made it very hard to run n gun, like in real life. It is very hard to shoot in real life when you're running.

MikeGdaGod4011d ago

i don't play alot of fps so the controls are fine to me.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4011d ago

Killzone 2 controls are the best part of it. Whoever complains is a fanboy or a noob.

Skynetone4011d ago

if your looking for a game to blame, timesplitters 1 had the worst auto aim feature, you couldn't miss

i hate auto aim myself, and blaming cod 4 makes me belief youve never played the game because its not a factor in cod 4

Viper74011d ago


Its not game ruining factor in call of duty, but it does make it way easier to kill ppl in cod. Auto-aim in cod appears usualy when your aiming near the player and press zoom, then the chrosshairs often jumps right to the center of the player making the players need only minimal adjust to make the well placed headshot.

edgeofblade4011d ago

Tweaking the y axis made the biggest difference for me because I was always shooting over their heads.

But all I ask for is the simple ability to sight my guns with the trigger. Just swap the crouch and the sight commands, and I'll bother you no more.

Nineball21124011d ago

You can use the trigger to use your sights. It's the alternate 2 setup.

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Zeus Lee4012d ago

Great decision by Guerilla,no need to alter perfection for a small vocal group of COD4 players.

WildArmed4012d ago

'small' vocal group xD
I dont think its small.
But i dont want it to change.
I love the controls, and the 'wobbly camera'(in article) that immerses you into the game.
You cant satisfy everyone thats a fact.

Wizeguy214012d ago

The controls are fine. I haven't really had an issue with it.. The only thing i would change is the melee. I would like to be o. But i can live without that! Its not a deal breaker!

RudeSole Devil4012d ago

Because to many of us that have been playing Halo and COD never realized that most console FPS have auto aim enabled assisting you. Killzone 2 has no such features and now your aiming actually means something. Auto Aim is for babies.

table4012d ago

there is a bit of auto aim in killzone2.

beavis4play4011d ago

the realism of movement and having to actually aim to shoot really adds to the experience.
anyone who doesn't want a challenge, just stick to the COD series.

IcarusOne4011d ago

The controls are definitely keeping me from enjoying this as much as I should. Jumped onto the Riddick demo last night; even that controls tighter than KZ. The right stick feels very lazy. For a game about "total immersion" I'm disappointed in the lack or precision aiming.

In terms of auto-aim, I never had a problem with this. It's a conceit, given that joysticks are less accurate than a mouse. If that PS3 attachment ever comes out, it should make this game more enjoyable. Assuming its compatible.

beavis4play4011d ago

and "keeping it real" does not mean precise aiming. ever try and shoot a gun in real life? it's not like COD or halo......that's for sure.
and i think it's refreshing to have a game that's challenging.......not just the same standard controls.

funny thing is.....people b1tch about not getting something different; then, they complain when they DO get something different.
go figure.

madpuppy4011d ago

to work the way they do,that it is somehow covering up a lag or a slowdown issue. what a bunch of whiners, The controls are pretty nice, GG actually gives you more control of the character you are playing than most FPS. Auto aim, Auto assist is great if you are a newbie or just happen to super-suck at FPS.

sometime we gotta' learn something new. and for good or bad stand on our own two feet like a man.

red5ive4011d ago

no complaints here neither. can't believe how people can be so close-minded.

edgeofblade4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

And what's stopping them from accommodating those "vocal" cod players? I don't subscribe to the "dev knows best" philosophy. You should accommodate the players the way they want to play.

And no, it's far from perfect, just like everything else that has claimed perfection before it. It's good, but it's not perfect.

And before people whine about realism, just know that it's not really what you want. You want realism in graphics, but beyond that, it's not like your soldier pauses to take a piss when he needs to. Now, that's REAL realism.

madpuppy4011d ago

If the COD players get COD controls with auto aim and no recoil that would be adding an unfair advantage to those players. That would be almost similar to saying that if a number of players want to use an aimbot that those players should be accommodated. which is just stupid. it is either all or none, the controls stay the way they are or they get completely changed.

IcarusOne4010d ago

I have no problem with a challenge, but it should come from the gameplay/design, not from a frustrating control scheme. And in terms of actually firing a gun in real life, yes I have, yes it's tricky, but I'm not a battle-hardened marine dropping down to a distant enemy homeworld. I'd imagine they have a better familiarity with their weapon and tactics. And I expect to feel that when I play.

That's the idea of immersion: to remove as many barriers between the player and the character they're inhabiting. Every time I over-aim or inadvertently pop out from cover because my finger slips off the stupid controller, I'm reminded I'm playing a game.

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Handsome_Devil4012d ago

now if every FPS follow what Call of Duty does, then what is the point of making new games. why not just keep updating Call of Duty and get over with it.

Honestly they made their call, and thats how they made the game different and unique in its own way. I just don't understand why people just complain too much this generation, seems like nothing will ever please them at all.

saggyscrote4012d ago

Controls are fine when you get used to them.
Like people say, if you cant learn anything new, go play COD !

edgeofblade4011d ago

So, let me get that straight. If we don't like the controls, you don't want us enjoying this game? The controls would be one of the easier things to change, and I can't understand why they wouldn't just do it.

DJ4012d ago

Call of Duty, and Resistance are. Yet we keep getting this crap for Killzone? Are the haters really that desperate?

The controls are perfect. End of story.

WildArmed4012d ago

True. Resistance/Halo/(name FPS other than COD) had different and vary controls, never saw soo many people b!tch about it..
Maybe its just the expectation were soo high and people got disappointed?
Well thats hype for ya, people need to learn to separate the facts and hype.