Ninja Blade is doomed due to quick-time events?

Ninja Blade is the Xbox 360 exclusive title coming out early next month. The game has been described to be similar to that of Ninja Gaiden with a few twists. Apparently the similarity between the two games ends where the quick-time events start. The question stands - will reliance on quick-time events ruin a promising game?

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Mr_Bun4002d ago

God of War has always had QTEs and there hasn't been a shortage of sales for them...but then again, it is GoW!

Godmars2904001d ago

But some of them - except for boss battles - can be ignored. The fights harder and you don't get as much stuff, but as far as I remember none of them take you back in time to do it over again. On casual encounters no less.

IdleLeeSiuLung4001d ago

I guess according to the article writer, any game with Quick Time Events are doomed. Yeah, remind me not to click on on his articles in the future.

s8anicslayer4001d ago

what's wrong with quick yime events?

SaiyanFury4001d ago

So what if it uses Quick Time Events? Anyone notice how often the word "doomed" is slung around these days?

Tony P4001d ago

I can't believe anyone still uses "is doomed" in an article title.

I personally hate rampant QTEs and the news put me right off Ninja Blade. But 'doomed' just doesn't seem feasible when you have big titles like God of War still using them and selling.

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RadientFlux4002d ago

I don't mind QTE as long as they are used in a cinematic fashion. Also it's a bit unfair to judge Ninja Blade as having too many QTE based on a demo.

Hiruma Youchi4002d ago

I dont think that it will be DOOMED because of the qte. There was a few in the demo and they were nicely done. The Question is Will The Full game deliver.

The gaming GOD4001d ago

But how can you disagree with what he just said? He's right. you can't judge based of the demo alone.

Just look at Motorstorm 2's demo. Remember how crappy it represented the full game? MS2 is excellent, but the demo didn't show the greatness of the game did it?

Why o why4002d ago the right places. GOW is a fine example

tplarkin74001d ago

No respectable game designer should ever consider putting QTEs in a video game.

Hiruma Youchi4001d ago

So the makers of God of War are not Respectable producers?

HYPOCRITE MOFOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tplarkin74001d ago

Yes. That includes GoW developer. They also violated another big no-no. Fixed cameras.

The gaming GOD4001d ago

But with all their "no-no's" look how big their fanbase is. Look how much they sold. Look how much people are anticipating the next installment.

So they must be doing something right

Why o why4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

will only be happy when they change gow into an fps;( The camera was great in god of war. A free roaming camera doesn't instantly make a game better or more playable just look at ninja gaiden 2. I dont want the gow team to change too much. If you want to do that then make a new ip like capcom did with resident/dmc/onimusha Each game had different mechanics in terms of cameras to controls, resident being the most restrictive.

PlaystationSamurai4001d ago

could this game be that good?

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Gun_Senshi4002d ago

This game is just a short interactive movie. It barely has any gameplay just QTE in every damn battle and everywhere.

Hiruma Youchi4001d ago

I bet you dont hate Heavy Rain a QTE based game and GoW.

Lame fanboy Aint even how to troll well f1ckin fakkot.

Man_of_the_year4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

That basically sums up what heavy Rain will be like. I don't think there is anything wrong with QTE's...I still love Dragons Lair to this day. As long as the QTE's really are implemented at the right time i think it can really capture the moments in games that can be really intense.

ThatCanadianGuy4001d ago

*sigh* i guess you guys completely miss the sarcasm in his post?

He's just saying what 90% of the 360 fanboys have been saying about Heavy Rain.

Gun_Senshi4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

What goes around comes around.

Heavy Rain I did not play It I do not know.

GoW has Quick Time Events impemented perfectly.

Ninja Blade, which has been on torrents for weeks, has too much QTE which get annoying. Every damn fight is QTE!

Man_of_the_year4001d ago

Going by his second doesn't look like his first post was sarcasm...maybe you shouldn't be so nieve and protecting your fellow PS3 fanboys and read comments for what they are unless there is a /sarcasm

Major_Tom4001d ago

You can hate on Heavy Rain all you want, however unparalleled graphics that I haven't seen PC do and deep gameplay puts it on my number one most anticipated title of 2009.

It's not a whole bunch of QTE's but you're a fanboy anyway and probably haven't put much effort into realizing what your saying.

Traveler4001d ago

The difference is that Ninja Blade is supposed to be an action game, whereas Heavy Rain is an adventure/narrative-based game.

I don't know, Ninja Blade still looks pretty decent to me and I plan on trying it out.

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