id Talks Piracy

The problem, Hollenshead said, is largely one of perception: people don't see piracy as a trermendous problem. Hackers are looked up to, to an extent. Even developers are accountable to a point, he suggested, when they allow their employees to share music and copies of TV shows on their servers.

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Bullseye4241d ago

Or could it be that they didn't invest in a top spec hardware firewall?
This is bullshit, i remember the days when Id sold their s/w at reasonable prices and people would BUY it. Try to rip the punter and he'll rip you back. Don't blame the crackers for the high price of s/w. Its GREED thats responsible.

Gh0stDrag0n4241d ago

Would that be greedy software developers, or greedy gammers who want everything for free?
Greed goes both ways.............and piracy is theft.

Neutral Gamer4240d ago

I agree Gh0stDrag0n, piracy of any kind is wrong.

If you find something too expensive, don't buy it or wait until it goes down in price!

Whoooop4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

So he can get deeper pockets??!! bahh i will only buy things that are worth the money.. a bunch of games, music, movies etc. were, are and will be horrible for me to keep wasting money on them..

Enough money they got from me in the past.. not anymore my friend.

Pardon ma english