Home Update - 5th March

TedTheDog on the SCEE forums writes:

"This week we've updated Home Square with a multi-player game, Helicopter Hit and you'll find it on the grassy knoll near the Bowling Alley.

The WATCHMEN content is now complete with a couple of Comics to adorn your apartment together with the WATCHMEN clock. All available from the Furniture Store in the Shopping Centre.

The four unlockable Street Fighter IV shirts are already in Home and today we are adding 4 complete purchasable costumes to the Threads store. Ryu, Ken, Guile and Chun-Li are all available in 4 or 5 piece sets.

Resident Evil 5 Studio Lot comes to Home with the addition of the space from Capcom and you'll find it under their chip on the World Map.
The Space is not yet complete but we thought you would enjoy exploring this behind the scenes look at Capcoms latest.

We hope to bring you some information on what else you should expect this month quite soon.


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Handsome_Devil4001d ago

Very Cool update, I like it. can't wait to login and see it in action :)

rockleex4001d ago

Of John F Kennedy on the grassy knoll where Helicopter Hit is? :D

Jerk1204001d ago

Home sucks. Don't waste your time updating it.

Failed Second Life clone.

dazzalfc4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

So, you spend time slagging it off instead?

Surely you should be spending time on the things you enjoy, rather than concentrating on the things you dont?

Homes decent, alot obviously like it as they use it and Sony fully support it, given time and good updates, it could be a brilliant service

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SuperSharpShooter4001d ago

for meeting new friends, family too, its funny to see a digital version of them,lol,quite funny.

plus , ivfe meet some real good street fighter players on there from the uk too.

Sangria4001d ago

I noticed women don't have Watchmen costume. They have that sad T-shirt (that men already have) but no superhero suit, whereas according to the posters in cinema, there is at least one superhero girl in Watchmen. So why did they manage to put 2 male superhero costumes and 0 female superhero costume?

Godmars2904001d ago

And then that's suppose to be a semi-see through bodysuit.

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The story is too old to be commented.