GTA:IV The Lost and Damned Review OXCGN XBox 360 Exclusive DLC Content - Is It Worth It?

"The Lost and Damned (TLAD) is Rockstar & Microsoft's exclusive add-on that allows you to play a whole new chapter in the GTA:IV Liberty City universe. You take on the role of Johnny Klebitz, biker and stand in leader for the bike gang "The Lost and Damned" due to the regular leader, Billy Grey, being thrown into jail. (Ed- So it's much like real-life Melbourne then…).

Things seem peaceful as Johnny 'K' has managed to maintain peace with bitter gang rivals "The Angels of Death"; that is until the former head and founder of the club Billy Grey returns from his stint in prison. Immediately he resumes his former post and sets about returning things to the way they were, and essentially all of Johnny's hard work is thrown out the window."

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Godem4010d ago

I hated GTA4.... which essentially means i will hate this...

but! it was a nice review, well written and good points :)

gaminoz4010d ago

I think the last GTA I enjoyed was Vice City....I don't know why, but the whole '80s thing was a nostalgia trip for me. I hardly did any of the missions, just drove around swapping cars and radio stations.

Superfragilistic4010d ago

Hell yes!

I can't believe that rubbish XBLA Death Tank is about the same price as this. I would've paid 40 Aussie $ for L&D if need be.