Next Xbox could be affected by Tekken 6 tech

NowGamer: According to its executive producer, Tekken 6's graphics approach the limit of what the Xbox 360 is capable of, and the beat em up's technology may affect development of the console's successor...

"It is a challenge to fit this game onto one DVD and to make sure the data is read at a fast rate"

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Why dis4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

I thought there were already fighting games released that look better and have great animations and run at 60FPS?

This announcement smells funny hope the PS3 version is fine graphically.

thereapersson4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Why wouldn't it be? The damn arcade hardware is basically PS3 tech, for crying out loud!

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ape0074010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

the problem is that you are lost,if the whole site replied to you,still you will not understand

you'll never know

that's YOUR problem,deal with it(of course if you aren't joking)

fanmboyism is controlling your mind,your body,your feelings,your instincts,it's sounds like a religion

I see fanboys as patints,cause no matter what come on other system,they will not appreciate it

bash bash bash

this "hate" is a disease

find a cure,you'll thank me a lot,im the first one here on n4g who tries to help you

FANBOYS,both systems are good,get a life,don't put all your natural instincts and forces into that piece of plastic

hear me please "why dis" try to think,to adapt,you are not even relising that you are in a deep deep fall and only getting worse,you are a human,you have a brain,you are intellegent,that's a disgrace to yourself,respect yourself

Im not saying "hate 360 love ps3" no this is wrong too,love 360 as much as you want or ps3

I wish I can develop a multiplat game that cure fanboyism.enter thier minds,because this is a bigger problem this gen that the last

wake up

Doctor_Doom4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

I don't think there is an ISSUE with the DVD size especially with a Fighting game just take a look at Fallout 3 .it runs and looks better than the PS3.

Its All about Programing

Pennywise4009d ago

The game is on arcades with PS3's inside them. Xbox is old tech... dated...

Good job with the bubbles... This guy doesnt deserve one.

m0sand4009d ago

1.7 - JimmyPage:
I totally agree, Fallout 3 is much better than the PS3.

On topic though, Microsoft already knows that DVD limits what the system/games can accomplish nowadays. Now don't even try to argue against it. It's the truth.

4009d ago
ThanatosDMC4009d ago

Try saying positive things about the PS3 for one day... I wonder if you'll still get tons of disagrees in one comment. Also, i wish i saw your comments before the mods deleted... you sure are funny!

jammy_704009d ago

better looking fighting games what?

why dis if saw you in the street i wud knock you out cuz your a bell end!

Cynical-Gamerzus4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

All Hype ,the last game that was a good 3d fighter was soul calibur on Dreamcast!!
Since then nothing else has been revolutionary in terms of next GEN!
Only DOA was close with its amazing muti tierd evironments and African surroundings and animals! but lacked interaction and polish and more depth(and RAM) we need a brawler slash fighter that utilizes BLuray and a large breathing world like Killzone 2!!!
Fughghk Street fighter !!Im talking about a world of fighting ! A sports arena the size of NBA 2k and with that much life!! and access!

Masta_Killa4009d ago

The announcement of the 360 version pissed me off. Not so much that it's gonna be on xbox, but now the PS3 version is gonna be weaker because they wanna keep it on the same level as the 360 version.

RememberThe3574009d ago

Yeah, what the hell is that crap? Last gen no one cared if the PS2, gamecube, or xbox versions looked similar. Developers were making games look as good as they could on each system.

Where the hell did this "make the game look the same on each console" thing come from?

memots4009d ago

So what console is slowing down development now?

Ninja-Sama4009d ago

Divide the game into 3 DVDS! Like 1/3 of the characters for one disc and the other 2/3 for the other two discs! So in arcade mode all you have to do is insert disc 1 or 2 dependent on which disc the character is on. Just have to remember which characters are on which disc tho...

Man I should develop games for the 360 too!

ssipmraw4009d ago

the only problem with that logic is that if you stuff up a disc you lose one third of the characters...

specialguest4009d ago

I think Ninja-Sama was being sarcastic. haha

Nicolator4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

i really dont get what the big stupid fuss is all about .. wait a sec think about this... a developer u make an engine based on the ps3 architecture, and want to make a game for the 360 as well.. OFCOURSE it the result wont be the same or would lag behind.. gezz dont i have to mention UE3 which is closer to a pc 360 based design or other games that have been made for pc tech they look not as good on the ps3 but the ps3 is equally a strong machine e.g FALLOUT 3,RAINBOW 6.. .i can go on. and on...

So u look at tekken 6 or games like killzone 2 whos engines have been made from the ground up for the ps3 THAT is y the look so gd on the console coz its maximize what it has and drops what it does not need its calculation is different from teh pc and 360 if ppl wanna compare both console in their truest might... MAKE an engine based on the xbox360 to max out all the juice and if it does not come on par with the ps3 then we can say oh ok the dev point is true but if they make that engine for the ps3 and try to force it on the xbox360 ofcourse u wont get the same result ... true that the xbox360 is soposed easy to dev for .. but if u wanna get the same result from 2 def tech with a bias engine..(made for ps3) u dont get the same result ... its just simple as that..

But i gotta agree with the size of DVD 9 its limiting the HD level in which games can get on the 360 and if they wanna go any higher they have to go multi disc.. which would not really make sense for a non RPG game

dont worry i am not no fanboy for the 360 i have a ps3 and hav been playing kz2 like hell just got a general rank sniping ppl like b*tiches..

ps3d04009d ago

Either they are just bragging to be braggin or they suck at programming cause Tekken 6 isnt push the limits of anything. The game doesnt even look that good compared to other games that have been released this gen

- Ghost of Sparta -4009d ago

131 disagrees LMFAO! Clearly you don't know that Tekken 6 was built around the Cell's architecture.

Why dis4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Virtua Fighter looks great in graphics and animations and doesn't have online multi-player because it runs at 60fps.

LOL 133 disgrees for saying that?

No game look better than Tekken 6? nor have the same quality of animations etc?

What exactly are you disagreeing with?


Tekken doesn't look next-gen its not like the 360 versions of all the fighter on the market were the under dogs :)

I don't blame devs though I think they found out saying things like this is the only way to get PS3 fans to buy Multi platform games. They did it with DMC4 and GTA4 etc.


http://screenshots.teamxbox... looks like a high rez Xbox game and the other the better version of Virtua Fighter 5.

Looks like they shouldn't be talking about Disc space?

LoVeRSaMa4009d ago

Another Ex-exclusive Gimped, thanks again microsft.

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Gun_Senshi4010d ago


thereapersson4010d ago

Can't wait to play this one....

Yi-Long4010d ago

... and TBH, the graphics didn't look all that special. I don't see how it would cause problems, apart from perhaps lazy programming.

DelbertGrady4010d ago

"and to make sure the data is read at a fast rate"

The 360's DVD drive streams data at a faster rate than the Blu-Ray drive in the PS3. That's why some games have installs. A weird statement.

Game13a13y4010d ago

huh huh, i'm sure you guys know better than the oh... i dunno, the developers themselves?

Chris3994010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Pretty sure that DVD doesn't read at a CONSTANT rate across the disc, whereas blu-ray does. That might be what he meant.

I loathe multi-plat games and won't be picking this up in any event.

Be a gamer, not a brand loyalist PSWii60 ftw!!!

@ Kushan. It's just a personal preference, which I'm entitled to. If I'm paying $70 + tax for a piece of software, it had better damn well be optimized for whatever system I'm playing it on. I've been burned by multi-plats too many times this gen: Mirror's Edge, POP, Silent Hill 5... I could go on and on. I'd rather just play exclusives and wait until the multi-plats hit the bargain bin.

More resources dedicated to a single platform game will in most cases yield better results than the same resources split across several consoles.

Again, it's just my personal opinion/ take. Exclusives > multi-plat (please don't cite aberrations like Too Human or Haze, those are exceptions). Exclusives also support developers and hardware manufacturers and there are plenty of other consumers gobbling up multi-plat software, so I don't see myself harming the industry, I'm just supporting it in my own way.

Being a "gamer" doesn't mean rabidly snatching up every piece of software that is released or hyped to Holy Hell. It's about playing games that suit our individual tastes. I've always had a small to medium sized library of quality titles, almost all of them being exclusives. That's what works for me.


P.S. Based on the information provided, I'd wager that the "constant reading speed" thing is important in using the motion blur effect while maintaining 60 fps (see the article at hand).

Erratic4010d ago

Damn, you were faster than me, but yes, the fixed read speed is a big plus, the bigger a multiplat game becomes,the slower it is read by the 360.

Kushan4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

"I loathe multi-plat games" to "be a gamer"?

Unfortunately, it's not easy to make money on just ONE platform these days, development costs are simply too high, if you want to "be a gamer", support developers by buying their games - multi-platform or not.

I'm sure Tekken 6 will be a great game on both machines, I'll certainly be looking into it.

Edit: Also, the whole "constant read speed" thing isn't as big an issue as some people are making it out to be. Why would a FIGHTING game need to constantly stream lots of data once the fight has begun? It's not like it needs to stream lots of level data or anything. Worst it'll do is affect loading screen times and we've yet to see a 360 game take significantly longer than a PS3 game to load (depending on installs or not).

mmj4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

"The 360's DVD drive streams data at a faster rate than the Blu-Ray drive in the PS3. That's why some games have installs. A weird statement."

Not weird at all.

With BluRay data can be read across the entire disc at the same speed, whereas with DVD access speed varies depending on where on the disc the data is located.

This means that if a game has 6GB of data that all needs to be accessed quickly at some point, they will have problems with the 360 in that although 3GB of the data can be read faster than on PS3 the other 3GB will actually be read at the same speed or even much slower, so I imagine too much mission critical data and this inconsistency is the problem.

Disc access speed is generally not a problem on PS3 because as you pointed out it has a HD as standard.

SixTwoTwo4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

I've played the Tekken 6 BR arcade and it looks and feels amazing.

4 anyone living in the L.A. area that doesn't already know, the Super Arcade in Walnut has T6BR =)

DJ4009d ago

And yeah, Tekken 6 is Awesome! I get my ass beat down a lot, but I just need to practice more. Bloodline Rebellion is definitely a big improvement over the original version.

Bucky Sligo4009d ago

Blu-Ray reading at a constant rate doesn't mean it is generaly faster. After all, it's the PS3 games that needs installs while Xbox360 games don't.

ThanatosDMC4009d ago

Wouldnt installing the game on the 360 solve this problem?

JokesOnYou4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Any dev who complains about ps3= Lazy dev
Any dev who complains about 360= He's a dev so its a fact
Dave Shippy lead dev for IBM's development of the ps3 3 Cell CPU and 360 CPU say while their architechture and programming models are completely different the end result in performance is about equal= Thats not possible, sony said its waaaay like 100x's more powerful, the lead dev for for both CPU's doesn't know what he's talking about!

lmfao, then in classic n4g style we start this console power debate, yet nobody here including me have dev'd ps3 or 360 games, we get what little knowledge we have from devs and those involved with the process. Now of course some act as if the game will some how be "dumbed down" for ps3, ha ha when the guy himself says that the games graphics engine was designed to run on ps3 architechture and they wrote code specifically optimized for ps3 already. His main issue with 360 was fitting it on DVD? wtf? This is a fighting game right? OK, sure....also quote: "arcade board based on the PS3's architecture, replicating the its high graphical fidelity on the 360 - at 60fps - has been very challenging according to Harada."= so in other words making the translation from ps3 tech to 360 tech has been a difficult for him. Other than the DVD size nothing he says suggest 360 reaching its limits and his DVD comment would be more reasonable if this was a sand box game, also his comments related to porting is more about his own issues/capabilities than 360's limits because typically what we've seen from other devs, they actually say going from ps3 to 360 would be easier, and honestly from what I've seen of this game the graphics aren't even close to mind blowing. My personal conclusion is this a little bit of truth filled with alot of hype to promote his game, we've seen this before, I could be wrong though.


DJ4009d ago

PS3's twice as powerful. Everyone knows this already, even if a few individuals refuse to accept it.

TreborRversed4009d ago


main reason you will never see any compulsory installs on 360 is due to the fact that not every xbox has a hard drive so the developers have to make a game with that in mind

Trebius4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Uhm...ill try to put things into perspective for u.

If you're a company that distributes car engines...and assuming there's only 2 car developers out in the world, you develop a brand new engine for 1 company that's completely different than the other company's and more powerful, but hard to maintain cause it's a new breed.

And for the latter company you use the same template for engines that youve been using for years and it's still powerful, but not as powerful as the NEW one you developed for said company...

If you're questioned by the press or cant show preference because thats' just proper business etiquette.

If you say one is better than the other, everyone will go for 1. If you say they're both the same, you remain neutral, and business goes on without your interfering with any business' cash flow.

Long story short, IBM helped both companies, and to come out openly and say THIS one is better than THAT one, will hurt relations with Microsoft, and in the long run would effect future business with them.


Yi-Long4009d ago

Hmmm... judging by all the disagrees I've received, it seems some people here took my 'lazy developers' statement as a dig against the PS3, which it wasnt. Hell, we (my girlfriend and I) have every console and handheld, and like/love them all.

What I meant was exactly what I said: I've seen the game up and running in Hong Kong in an arcade, and the graphics aren't all that special compared to other fighting games like DOA4 or Soul Calibur 4 or whatever, which run fine on the 360.

Personally, I couldnt care less for which system the game will be better. If the 360 version is the best version, I might buy it on 360, and if the PS3 version is the best, I'll buy it on the PS3. Simple.

I'm just saying I don't see why this game would cause the 360 any problems (and I know it probably won't cause the PS3 any problems, as the arcadegame is pretty much based on the same engine that would be used for the PS3 version)

But hey, nice going on that comprehensive reading, fellas(!)

likedamaster4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

"main reason you will never see any compulsory installs on 360 is due to the fact that not every xbox has a hard drive so the developers have to make a game with that in mind"

Actually, no. A console game is supposed to be able to run off of the disc alone, unlike a PC, or it wouldn't be console gaming!

By the way, read speed doesn't get any slower than 2X, generally speaking.

JokesOnYou4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

@ DJ: Yes as I have said on occasion before the ps3 is more powerful in terms of raw horsepower, I'm not suggesting otherwise, even when you take Dave Shippy's comments if you want to get technical he's not even saying they are exactly "equal", he said "fairly equal" which all by itself means one IS in fact at the very least a little more powerful than the other.

Now the only thing Iam suggesting like most non-biased (not from sony or micro sources/devs) tech comparisons I've read have said is that; While ps3 is more powerful in raw power, the overall performance of each machine is again "fairly equal", on a pratical level when applied to gaming simply because based on the architechture design ps3 isn't as efficient as 360 in terms of developing games. You see the CPU's power alone isn't the only factor when making a game, and therefore when you include other aspects, one being the GPU which favor 360 and other factors as well, the end result in general is that the overall performance or what you will actually be able see and do in the games themselves won't be much different, depending on talent and money of course. You say theres no debating that theres a huge difference in performance between 360 and ps3, what is your background? lmfao, You can say whatever you like; The LEAD DEV of both CPU's and many non-biased sources say something different. So forgive me if I don't believe a few annonymous folks with avatars on n4g. In fact the only ones who believe you are the usual folks on n4g, the rest of the world have common sense and tend to believe people with intimate knowledge of the facts like Dave Shippy.

@ Trebius, -lmfao too bad your whole rant is pointless since Dave Shippy no longer works at IBM, he recently made these comments and he is currently the Vice President of a completely seperate microprocessor company named Intrinsity.


evrfighter4009d ago

"I loathe multi-plat games and won't be picking this up in any event.

Be a gamer, not a brand loyalist "

That's not contradiction to the extreme...

Chris3994009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

And you cut off the "PSWii60 ftw" part too. It might also help if you read the 5 paragraphs following the introduction of my post for clarity before simply spitting out a response.

I can be a gamer without purchasing every mutli-platform game that hits the market. It's what I CHOOSE to purchase. That's the beauty of a free society, you can play the games that you like and I can play the games that I like. There doesn't have to be an argument about it unless you decide to create one.

I don't like mutli-platform software. For me, the quality is just not there when compared to the price (in the majority of cases). It's a personal preference. That is all. You can go about your life playing mutli-plat software till you're blue in the face. Personally, I'll rent it or pick it up once it's under $20.

I'm an adult and I can respect that your purchasing/ lifestyle decisions are different than mine. Strange that you can't seem to grasp the same concept.

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jay24010d ago

So in other words, a PS 3 exclusive gets f'ed again. That disc comment worried me the most that indicates to me that features for the home versions will be scrapped...........

heroicjanitor4010d ago

Raping the ps3 version again so that the 360 can play it... It makes me sick. Why do they both have to be the same? They don't drag the ps3/360 version down to the wii's level do they?

TheTwelve4010d ago

Japanese developers have done all kinds of stupid things for Microsoft money this generation. It's probably a part of a Microsoft-created-clause that both versions must look the same.


Kushan4010d ago

What makes you think they're "raping" anything? On previous console generations, everyone played to each console's strengths, so why would it be different here?

Sitdown4010d ago

or why it matters....they are talking with regards to the 360 version...nobody said anything about the ps3 version being lowered for the 360.

TreborRversed4009d ago

I agree with sitdown, the dev has already said that there every chance the ps3 version will look better due to the fact its the lead console and it is what they have built the arcade version on

commodore644009d ago

Does that mean the inferior ps3 version of SF4 doesn't count?

If anything, it is the ps3 holding the industry back.

Come on guys. Stick to the facts.

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PirateThom4010d ago

Bare in mind, the arcade version is running on PS3 hardware. It could be an indication that porting a game from PS3 to 360 is harder than some people want to believe unless allowances have been made for multiplatform.

Final Fantasy XIII will definitely be revealing.

El_Colombiano4010d ago

Oh I can't wait to see how bad FF 13 comes out on said console.

jay24010d ago

Oh god yeah, it will be because
A. you can loose up to 42GB odd of space (ok, more likely about 17GB if their working on a 25GB Blu-ray disc,
B.loose 4 cores from the CPU.

Kushan4010d ago

Jay2, that statement proves that you don't actually know anything about the architecture of both consoles. You could have a million cores and still have a painfully slow machine.

1 360 CPU core != 1 PS3 SPU

ZuperAmazingCooKie4010d ago

"1 360 CPU core != 1 PS3 SPU"

You are right Kushan, a 360 CPU core can't even process graphics. A PS3 SPU is very powerful to be compared to a CPU core on 360.

Kushan4009d ago

No it's not, the SPU's power lies in the fact that there's 7 (well, 6) of them.

Pennywise4009d ago

Kushan, ill informed people like you are the reason this site has torn gamers apart. 1 SPU can handle many different aspects of a game (Graphics, textures, animations, AI) While the core in the 360 can not do graphics. You come out with your statements like they are factual.

shelbygt334009d ago

The fact that 3 people agreed with you and nobody has disagreed only validates why I rarely visit N4G anymore.

People here spew half-truths and have no clue what they are talking about, but fanboys agree with them and take it for the truth.


"With the Xbox 360, you've got more of a traditional multi-core system, and you've got three PowerPC cores, each of them having dual threads -- so you've got six threads running there, at least in the CPU. Six threads in Xbox 360, and eight or nine threads in the PS3 -- but then you've got to factor in the GPU," Shippy explains. "The GPU is highly sophisticated in the Xbox 360."

He concludes: "At the end of the day, when you put them all together, depending on the software, I think they're pretty equal, even though they're completely different processing models."

pwnsause4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

they dont call the PS3 a unified Rendering Machine for Nothing

NOTE UNFIFIED RENDERING: RSX+CELL= graphics on par with High end PCs of today >>>>>>>&a mp;a mp;g t;Xbox 360 graphics

the 360's Hardware is not setup the way the PS3 is set up. Thats why you see Lazy Noob Developers complaining as to why the PS3 is set up this way without realizing that. thats why the PS3 is proven to be powerful, but to obtain that power, you have to develop on the PS3 first and think how the PS3 reads code.

shelbygt334009d ago

I am not doubting the PS3 is a powerful at handling certain tasks. I own one, and I see that with my own two eyes.

But please don't make it sound like the 360 contains a somehow obsolete chip in it.

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